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Undergraduate education is education conducted after secondary education and prior to postgraduate education. It typically includes all postsecondary programs up to the level of a bachelor's degree. For example, in the United States, an entry-level university student is known as an undergraduate, while students of higher degrees are known as graduate students. In some other educational systems, undergraduate education is postsecondary education up to the level of a master's degree; this is the case for some science courses in Britain and some medicine courses in Europe.

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  1. kvidtr

    Hi Everyone!

    Hi everyone! I stumbled across this forum looking for help on my first year physics homework about ~5 months ago and have been lurking ever since. I really appreciate the nature of these forums in that the answer to a problem is rarely (if ever) explicitly given, but instead people try to poke...
  2. Turnernater

    Senior Physics Undergrad!

    Hello! I am a returning college student majoring in Physics in the material science track. I have an interest in nuclear/particle physics and love conversing with the scientific community.
  3. Laoki

    How Stressful Are Grad School Applications for High Energy Theory Students?

    Hi, I'm currently a second-year undergrad from the US perpetually stressed about grad apps. I'm interested in high energy theory and phenomenology.
  4. warisulimam

    Hello, I'm a Physics Major

    Hi there! My name's Waris and I'll be starting a physics degree in a few months. I've been independently studying undergrad material for about three years. I was out of practice for a while because of some issues at high school but I'm working to get back on track. I would love to participate...
  5. Leticia

    Hello! I'm an undergrad student looking to discuss physics

    Hello! I'm in sixth semester of Physics undergrad, I'm looking for a place to talk to other physics students and discuss interesting problems and questions. I'm happy to meet you!
  6. bluehibiscus

    Schools I need help choosing my undergrad physics school please

    with scholarships making the costs relatively the same, which college would you choose for physics major - rutgers, stonybrook or rensselaer? bs in physics, not engineering. don't want to choose research interest area just yet but likely interested in grad school more than industry right after...
  7. confusedandroid

    Studying How should I actually be studying during my undergrad physics course?

    im a first year physics student near half way through the year and I still cant get to grips with what how im supposed to study. I try to rewrite my lecture notes using the textbook as the lectures seem to miss out a fair bit of information (and we were told to do this), but this takes me so...
  8. M

    Other Meteorology/Atmospheric Physics Textbook for Physics Undergrad Seniors

    Hi! I am looking for a (recent - about 2020 or sooner but anything is welcome) meteorology textbook that actually explains things in detail. I am specifically interested in tornadoes like everyone else, but I have a solid physics background and want to actually learn about them. Does anyone know...
  9. XcgsdV

    Courses Is Pure Mathematics required to be a top-tier Physics student?

    Hey y'all, I'm starting college as a Physics major this fall and I started working through Steve Warner's Pure Mathematics for Beginners in my downtime because I love the math courses I've had, wanted to learn more about proofs and how those things came to be, and most importantly had nothing...
  10. B

    Switching from Biology undergrad to Physics grad....

    I will try to keep this concise. I have always loved physics, but was convinced by my parents to pursue biology for career in medicine. Over my undergrad, it really became clear to me that I love physics, and want to pursue a career in the field (a Master's, and then a PHD). I am currently in...
  11. OscarV

    Which Undergraduate Degree Path is Best for Fluid Dynamics and Plasma Physics?

    Hello, My university offers degrees in the following: Physics with mathematics, Physics with theoretical physics, and physics with computer science. I am interested in fluid dynamics and plasma physics and lean more to the theoretical side. I would like to build a versatile toolkit in order...
  12. matqkks

    Looking for old mathematics textbooks (high school to undergrad level)

    Where can I purchase old mathematics textbooks on Advanced level (16-18 year olds) or undergraduate mathematics? I am ideally looking for books from the 1920’s to 1980’s.
  13. V

    Undergrad Research Topic Ideas Please (Electrical Engineering)

    I'm currently looking for possible innovative research topics or ideas, I'm having a hard time to think of one since everything is getting really advance. Thank you.
  14. OscarV

    Calculus Should I read Spivak's Calculus as an undergrad in theoretical physics?

    I am about to start a physics with theoretical physics major, I've taken calculus before but I've not been satisfied with the "memorization of formulas" type books. I started to read Spivak and found it enjoyable, but since it's a major undertaking I am also concerned for the practical value...
  15. Matsukaze

    Chemistry Is the NUPOC Program a Viable Path for a BS in Chemistry?

    NUPOC program specifically. In short, I get paid a salary to earn my bachelor's before being shipped off. From what I can tell, it's the single most efficient program in terms of time spent and money gained. I would like to get advice from people who understand my career pathway. I feel that a...
  16. greg_rack

    Conservation of linear momentum, undergrad particle dynamics

    Hi all, I'm opening this thread because of my uncertainty in how to correctly approach this exercise. My first thought was that, since the plate is subject to friction with the floor, it is going to stop, thus the final moment is 0. Hence, from the conservation of linear moment: $$m_Av_A+\sum...
  17. Falgun

    Schools University Search for a Physics Major

    I will be applying to schools for a physics major in about a year or so. And so far my list of Unis consists of ridiculously competitive schools. Of course I realize that this is not realistic for most if not all people. I know about the extraordinary schools like MIT, Princeton, etc. But I was...
  18. AJSayad

    Mechanical/Aerospace Engineering Undergrad Senior Design Project

    Hi everyone, This semester I'm enrolled in a senior design course where the students must fully design and fabricate a project from scratch that solves a problem. I've been struggling to think of ideas, so far I have some ideas on a windmill/turbine and a few electricity generation device ideas...
  19. Hamiltonian

    Relativity Advanced Theoretical Physics: a book on SR & GR for Undergrad Students?

    I recently came across a book called advanced theoretical physics -nick lucid. chap6 covers tensors and chap 7&8 cover SR&GR. I have studied a bit of SR before but never GR. At this point in life I don't want to read huge books on the subject. this book covers relativity entirely in three...
  20. SeaShanty2

    Preparing for Physics Grad School after Math/Comp Sci undergrad

    Hi all, I graduated in 2017 with a B.A. in Mathematics and a Computer Science Minor, but I always wish I had been able to squeeze in more physics classes (I've only taken a very basic intro course at a community college right after high school). I'm currently working in IT and am pretty...
  21. Samk

    Programs I have an undergrad in Geomatics and I want to pursue physics

    I am from Nepal and I have an undergrad in geomatics which I took because partly because my parents forced me to partly because I qualified for a scholarship that let me complete my undergrad in less than $2600.The undergrad program in Nepal is not good enough and my university doesn't allow...
  22. M

    I General relativity - covariant superconductivity, Meissner effect

    I am doing a project where the final scope is to find an extra operator to include in the proca lagrangian. When finding the new version of this lagrangian i'll be able to use the Euler-Lagrange equation to find the laws of motion for a photon accounting for that particular extra operator. I...
  23. T

    Undergrad research opportunities outside of university

    Given the state of affairs with COVID and its effects through closures of "unnecessary" services and colleges working more online for the time being, does anyone have advice on how to go about gaining physics research experience outside of the university? At this point, I'm about 18 months...
  24. EnnisMawas

    Admissions SULI DOE Summer 2021 Admissions

    Hi everyone, This thread is for people to post whether or not they received any offerings from SULI 2021 program. I am very anxious for this internship as I really want to get a position at Argonne Lab doing Condensed Matter Theory research or Quantum Computing research. I am a junior physics...
  25. Kalebh03

    Schools Where to go for physics undergrad?

    Before I get to the question, I'll introduce my current education. I am a senior in high school at Yadkin Early College. At this school, students are dual enrolled in high school and community college. We also go to school for an additional year (5 instead of 4) so we have finished our required...
  26. D

    Physics Is there any way to do a Master's in Physics without Physics in undergrad?

    I am doing my BS in Data Science, I always liked physics but couldn't get in BSc Physics course. I want to know If I can continue my studies in Physics or some data science physics hybrid course(?) without formal education in Physics? I tried to solve GRE Physics test myself and scored around...
  27. M

    Programs Is there a difference between undergrad physics programs?

    My son is a high school senior applying to a mix of large public (two in-state and one out-of-state) universities, a couple mid-size selective private universities and one Ivy-league university. His intended major is physics (doesn't know what specialty although he visited Fermi Labs and is...
  28. H

    Intro Physics Undergrad Thermal Physics recommendations

    Hey guys, I have Thermal as a course in this (undergrad) semester and the teacher is very bad. Any book recommendations for me to study entirely on my own? This is what we have to cover in the course:
  29. ambivalent_chemicist

    Programs Major in Chemistry or Physics?

    As with probably a lot of pure science undergrads, my dream goal is to become a researcher, academia or industry. As far as I know at the moment, I'm interested in the area of research that straddles physics and chemistry, and I'm not sure which one I should major in. Should I major in chemistry...
  30. rjurga

    Intro Physics Concise textbook for undergrad physics to be used as a reference

    I don't own undergraduate textbooks. I'm looking for a single one that works well as a reference or a refresher for various basic topics. Specifically, I'm thinking of a textbook that I could pick up when I forget some detail in an elementary topic and quickly check it out. So I don't mean one...
  31. S

    Algebra Book on Lie algebra & Lie groups for advanced math undergrad

    Posting for my son (who does not have an account here): He's a sophomore math major in college and is looking for a good book on Lie algebra and Lie Groups that he can study over the summer. He wants mathematical rigor, but he is thinking of grad school in theoretical physics, so he also wants...
  32. B

    I am Looking for an Astronomy undergrad program at 50

    Hello, this crisis has given me a new perspective. I was a Physics and Math undergrad in 1996 when i left uni to work as a C programmer. A mistake i have regretted often, but i had small kids and a wife that needed to eat. I have since earned a BA in Economics and am writing a masters thesis...
  33. J

    Schools Cornell vs Cambridge for undergrad physics

    Hello everyone, I have been admitted by Cornell and Cambridge (Trinity College) as an undergrad. I would like to study physics. Could anyone elaborate on what areas of physics Cornell and Cambridge are especially good at and how are they compared to each other? Also, is Trinity College a special...
  34. Blakely42

    Learning Nothing from my E&M Course

    Summary:: Griffiths' Electrodynamics Text is Worthless for Teaching It seems like Griffiths just makes things up as he goes along. There's no reasoning. Sometimes he does things one way, sometimes another. Solutions are never really explained, whether I look up homework solutions online or...
  35. isher_mondal

    Classical Undergrad book on Classical Mechanics

    Hi there, I am an undergrad 1st year student in Physics. I wanted to self study the classical mechanics so that i can get hold of some very important concepts before it begins to rush in our class. Can you suggest me a basic Classical Mechanics book of undergrad level that will help to learn...
  36. sulhar

    Engineering Undergraduate textbooks and lectures

    Hi, so I'm a first year undergraduate in engineering science. I guess my main question is, are all undergrad textbooks purposely convoluted to scare us from our degrees? Let me explain. I enjoy my lectures, I feel like the notes are very useful, but whenever my tutors or lecturers refer us to...
  37. L

    Intermediary projects in Python (Biophysics)

    Hello, I am an Undergraduate student looking for ideas for a project in Python. The project should contain a library filled with modules, classes (and preferably something with inheritance), and the unittest module. I would like to do something as follows: First, some kind ob WebScraping to...
  38. G

    Other Physics Publications (Christmas gift for Undergrad Physics student)

    Good Day, I am the parent of a first year undergraduate physics student and I was thinking of gifting him a Physics magazine subscription for Christmas but I've come across several (primarily Physics Today and Physics World). Is there one you would recommend in particular? Also we are in Canada...
  39. nsypgorz

    Quantum Alternative Undergraduate Quantum Mechanics book

    Hi everyone, was just wondering what people think is a good undergraduate QM book is as opposed to Griffiths. I've read through it, and I have looked and many people say it is good for people who've never been exposed to QM before, but when it comes to solving problems I struggle a lot, and...
  40. S

    Thinking of a PhD based on undergrad research experience

    Hi everyone, I am a final-year undergraduate in Physics. I actually created this account purely to ask for some advice. I have been considering pursuing a physics PhD ever since my first year, but my current experience in my final-year project (FYP) has been difficult and I'm wondering if this...
  41. Boltzman Oscillation

    Engineering What is the best EE route for someone living in North Texas (DFW)?

    Good afternoon, I will be graduating with an EE bachelors in a year. To keep this brief, next semester I will be taking courses that branch off from general Electrical Engineering. I have the options of Telecom, Electronics, Control Systems, or Power Systems. Living in the DFW area, what would...
  42. sams

    Questions Regarding my Supervising of an Undergrad Senior Project in Physics

    I’m currently supervising an undergraduate senior project in the Department of Physics. I’m responsible for supervising a last year physics student who will be graduating by the end of June. As a new lecturer and supervisor, I was wondering about several aspects and I would like to gain a deeper...
  43. J

    Chemistry undergrad attempting to go to graduate school in physics

    Summary: Chemistry undergrad attempting to go to graduate school in physics. Would appreciate advice. Hello, I am in my fourth of five years at a solid school studying chemistry. I changed my major at the start of my third year from economics to chemistry after being inspired by a course in...
  44. D

    Studying Just another lost undergrad noob fishing for advice

    My apologies if I'm doing this wrong, or posting this in the wrong place. Very new here. So anyway, I'm a sophomore physics major at tOSU and BOY OH BOY am I lost. I'm a high school drop out, and when I dropped out, I realized I liked physics and needed to know math to get to physics. I spent...
  45. JF001

    What are the benefits of pursuing a BSc in physics as an undergraduate student?

    I am an upcoming undergraduate student for a BSc in physics who can't wait to start university. I've been passionate about the subject for a long time and I want to try and contribute as best as I can to this forum. As an 18 years old student, I am lacking the general knowledge to contribute...
  46. D

    Courses Graduate Quantum as an Undergrad

    Hello, I'm considering taking the graduate level quantum mechanics course offered at my university (based on Sakurai/Shankar). I am currently reading Sakurai's QM, and mostly understand the topics (I'm currently reading the theory of angular momentum). There have been some steps where I still...
  47. PrinceWalnut

    Admissions Can an MS make up for a poor undergrad?

    Hi all. I've previously posted here about applying for grad schools with the effect of major depression severely impacting my grades. All the schools I applied for rejected me, so I'm wondering how best to go forth. I've accepted a teaching job teaching high school mathematics. In the meantime...
  48. SJay16

    Courses How difficult is an undergraduate course in GR?

    Just wondering if I'm going to be in over my head here, as I'm not sure what to expect. A notoriously "difficult" professor as my school is teaching a senior level undergraduate course "Introduction to General Relativity Physical consequences of Einstein's equations, including the principle of...
  49. astroman707

    Courses What undergrad topics do astronomy grad programs expect you to have taken?

    I was speaking with my prof about the requirements for the applied physics major track offered at my school, and she said some very surprising things. Just for context, I’m interested in pursuing observational astrophysics/astronomy in grad school later. She said that I can skip diff equations...
  50. ErectBaguette

    Schools Which undergrad school should I choose: UCSB or PSU?

    I'm out of state for UCSB but I'm going to be in their CCS program, whereas I'm in state at Penn State but am currently on the waitlist for their honors program. Per year cost is 65k/year vs 25k/year. Neither will put us in debt, but obviously the former is quite a bit less comfortable. What...