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Mathematica beginner question: Function nesting

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    I'm quite new to Mathematica and stuck at a point, where I have searched for hours to find a solution, but there seems no way out.

    Let's say we have two functions,

    How can a build a function f3, which is e.g. the sum of the other functions f1 and f2, i.e. f3[x_, y_]=x+y+x*y, but without copy&paste, but with direct dependency on f1 and f2?

    With f3=f1[x,y]+f2[x,y], the functional dependency on x and y is missing. I need a f3, which also has the same input arguments as f1 and f2 (namely x and y).
    With f3[x_,y_]==f1[x,y]+f2[x,y] the functional dependency on the parameters is also not working.

    Thanks you for your help,
    I'm really desperate :(
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    I think that you don't understand the difference between =(immediate assignment), :=(delayed assignment) and == (test for equality). You want to use := in function assignments so that the assignment is not made until you request evaluation. Try the attached notebook - I think it does what you want.

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    a thousand thanks! This is exactly what I was looking for! Sorry for my dummy question, it really seems so dummy now :s
    Thank you again for your profound and amazingly fast help, you really made my day! :)
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    You're welcome. Glad I could help.
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