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Mathematica - Plot two 2D graphs with different command in one figure

  1. Jan 26, 2010 #1
    Good day to all,

    1) I find difficulty on putting two 2D graphs into one figure. If same command it is easy to do but i have different commands, the commands are listlineplot and plot.



    2) Actually i prefer above listlineplot graph to be like a block pulse graph, i coulnd't find a command to plot that kind of graph.

    I do appreciate if someone out there could advice me on these matters.

    thanks and best regards...
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    perhaps this :

    Code (Text):
    data = {{0, 0}, {1/8, 16/257}, {2/8, 12272/66049}, {3/8,
        5201936/16974593}, {4/8, 1842434032/4362470401}, {5/8,
        596058685456/1121154893057}, {6/8,
        182299004202992/288136807515649}, {7/8,
        53603412027842576/74051159531521793}, {1,
    a = Graphics[{EdgeForm[Black], Gray,
        Table[{Rectangle[{data[[i - 1, 1]], 0}, {data[[i, 1]],
            data[[i, 2]]}]}, {i, 2, Length[data]}]},
       Frame -> True];
    b = Plot[Sin[t], {t, 0, 1}];
    Show[a, b, PlotRange -> {{0, 1}, {0, 1}}]

    Basically I created a table of rectangles [xmin,ymin][xmax,ymax] using your data and overlayed it with the plot (Thats what Show is for, multiple graphics at once)
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    Good day, thank you Hepth, it works. I will figure out how can ListLinePlot data can be visualize as block pulse graph. If I use Matlab the data simply will visualize as block pulse graph.

    thank you again.
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