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Homework Help: Mathematica problem regarding plotting many functions in one graph

  1. May 9, 2012 #1
    hey guys i have a problem regarding plotting several graphs in one plot via mathematica. I want this plot's x axis to be in a log scale so i used loglinear command.

    here the plot is b[a] vs. a.
    w[a] is part of my differential equation and it depends upon a and c.
    i have written the program the program for c=1 below. I want to plot for several other c values(like c=1/3,1/2 and 2/3) in the same plot. is it possible via mathematica?

    c = 1;
    w[a_] := 2*a^(3*(1 + c))/(1 + 2*a^(3*(1 + c)));

    fun = 2/3 a^2 b''[a] + (1 - w[a]) a b'[
    a] - (1 + w[a]) (1 - 3 c w[a]) b[a]
    test = NDSolve[{fun == 0, b'[10^(-4)] == 0, b[10^(-4)] == 1},
    b, {a, 10^-4, 10}]
    LogLinearPlot[Evaluate[b[a] /. test], {a, 10^-4, 10},
    PlotRange -> All]
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  3. May 10, 2012 #2
    any help would be much appreciated
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