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Mathematical Integral in Neuroscience Paper

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    Hi everyone,

    I'm having trouble getting a mathematical result in the following paper:


    In particular, I can't figure out how they reach equation 7. They use equations (3) and (5), and I think they discard a lot of the terms in the integral based on the assumption that A decays exponentially or faster. I think they also use the symmetry of the integral to change the limits. Can any one figure it out?
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    Well, madman, if you wanted to send me 30 clams (US), I may be able to look into that for you since I can only get the abstract without paying. I'd use my own money, but I'm saving the $30 to go see "Man of steel" this weekend after loading up for the fun with a few tacos:smile: Sorry.
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    You'd earn $0.05! Or maybe not, final prices depend on local VAT ....
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    The cited paper has been collected and published in a book "Dynamic Brain - from Neural Spikes to Behaviors: 12th International Summer School on Neural Networks, Erice, Italy, December 5-12, 2007, Revised". I found it on amazon.com. The key point is that amazon allows for searching inside the book. By searching on "Yoshioka" (one of the coauthors of the paper), I was able to find the paper and scroll to the relevant page. I was stimulated by the searching problem, not the neuroscience and I can't help with the derivation. But now atyy can both look at the paper for free and watch Superman. What a great start to the weekend!
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