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Mathematical model for reducing mri noise

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    I study nuclear engineering (medical radiation ,MS) , my proposal for graduation is
    (Modeling of Acoustical Noise in MRI and It Is Validation Through Measurements).
    I want to make and deliver a mathematical model for reducing noise in mri,would you please tell me what should i do? and how can i make this model?and how can i analyse the noises which i have recorded by voice recorder?
    thank you
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    Please give us some idea of your background. What do you know of MRI? Do you know the causes of the noise? How about electrical engineering, particularly material relating to signals and analysis. How much do you understand about spectral analysis? Time domain analysis? Finally how much mechanical engineering (vibrations, stiffness of materials, modes, sound propagation) is in your background? This will help us guide you.
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    Thank you for your reply
    My base is applying mathematics and I know about MRI technics , I know about electromagnetic and mechanics , I know about signals and analysis by mathlab
    Software, but I do not know anything about spectral analysis and Time domain analysis and vibrations, stiffness of materials, modes, sound propagation.
    But in this project I want to deliver a mathematical model theorycaly and answer the following questions.

    1- study and survey about causes of Acoustic Noise in MRI.
    2- study and survey about models which related to AN(Acoustic Noise).
    3- measurement of AN in different conditions MRI technics.
    4- designing model according physical and electromechanical equations in MRI
    5- assessment of model, according camparison of conclusion by Measurement

    Thank you
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    Your background as stated seems sound, so I'm uncertain how to advise you. Your questions:
    essentially are asking for someone to plan your project for you, lay out the analysis, and tell you exactly how to perform the work. Planning someone's MS thesis project is a little out of scope for an online help forum.

    Please don't take this the wrong way if I'm off base, but my thought right now is that you might look at choosing a different project that's a better fit to your areas of expertise. As a test of appropriateness, you should have some idea of how to get started, what kinds of analysis are required (at least in general), and what's needed to complete the project--on your own. Your thesis advisor should be helpful as well.

    I think that we at PF are better suited to answering a specific technical question that arises during your work, as opposed to acting as a general thesis advisor. Perhaps someone else here has a different perspective, however...
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