Mathematical Solution in Inequality

  1. Hi I have a problem about Inequality.

    Let's suppose we have a inequality like this:

    [tex]axb≥d[/tex] and [tex]cxd≥d[/tex] so I want to find connection between a and d its possible to do something like that
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  3. Mark44

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    Just to be clear, is 'x' a variable or are you using it to indicate multiplication?
  4. statdad

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    Is the second inequality meant to involve d on each side?
  5. İts a multiplication
  6. I am sorry.Here the right one

    and [tex]cxf≥d[/tex]
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    With no further information, there isn't much you can say about the relationship between a and d. Furthermore, the second inequality is of no help.

    Questions: sign of a, sign of d, sign and size of b.
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  8. Mark44

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    Because x is used so often in algebra, trig and higher mathematics disciplines, it's bad practice to use 'x' to indicate multiplication.

    It's clearer to write your inequalities like this:

    ab ≥ d
    cf ≥ d
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    The times symbol is not ##x##, it is ##\times##. Use "\times" to get LaTeX to write it.
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