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Mathieu oscillator: parametric resonance

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    hey, i need help in solving the equation of a mathieu oscillator (ignoring damping) and showing how the condition for max parametric resonance is doubling of the natural frequency . ( got viva 2morro. im so going to suck)

    D^2x + K(t)x =0
    (Ko is the constant natural frequency when no perturbation present. D^2 is the second order time derivative of displacement x) . and, um, i kno precious little maths. for differential equations with variable coeffs, jst Frobenius method to seek series solns.
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    if ur
    K(t)=a-2q cos(2t)
    than ur differential equation is Matthieu differential equation.
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    yes it is. but i need to develop that solution for the viva
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    hey, brilliant! thanx
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    U welcome
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    Hi masqau,
    can you explain me the procedure that i found in your first link


    "Selecting a sufficiently large m and omitting the term with the maximum number in the recurrence relations we can obtain approximate relations for the eigenvalues a (b) with respect to parameter q. Then, equating the determinant of the corresponding homogeneous linear system of equations for coefficients A (B) to zero, we obtain an algebraic equation for finding a(q) (or b(q))"

    I try to put into practice but without success :-(
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