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Matlab fprintf % usage in output data

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    Matlab fprintf "%" usage in output data

    I want to save data into a textfile, but I will again need matlab to read that text file, in which
    case, I would like to have my header-text of the data table begin with '%"
    so that when I am reading from than file, matlab will ignore header.

    I am getting error in doing so. Can somebody please help me ?

    thank you !
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    Re: Matlab fprintf "%" usage in output data

    If I understand correctly, you are encountering an error when trying to print the % symbol using fprintf. That is because % has a special meaning to fprintf. It is used for formatting numbers. If you want to print the symbol itself, you have to put %% instead of %. Example:

    fprintf(fid, '%% this is a comment\n');
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    Re: Matlab fprintf "%" usage in output data

    Perfect ! this did help me. I Was trying to print "%". and %% is the solution thanks again
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