What is Output: Definition and 1000 Discussions

In computing, input/output (I/O, or informally io or IO) is the communication between an information processing system, such as a computer, and the outside world, possibly a human or another information processing system. Inputs are the signals or data received by the system and outputs are the signals or data sent from it. The term can also be used as part of an action; to "perform I/O" is to perform an input or output operation.
I/O devices are the pieces of hardware used by a human (or other system) to communicate with a computer. For instance, a keyboard or computer mouse is an input device for a computer, while monitors and printers are output devices. Devices for communication between computers, such as modems and network cards, typically perform both input and output operations.
The designation of a device as either input or output depends on perspective. Mice and keyboards take physical movements that the human user outputs and convert them into input signals that a computer can understand; the output from these devices is the computer's input. Similarly, printers and monitors take signals that computers output as input, and they convert these signals into a representation that human users can understand. From the human user's perspective, the process of reading or seeing these representations is receiving output; this type of interaction between computers and humans is studied in the field of human–computer interaction. A further complication is that a device traditionally considered an input device, e.g., card reader, keyboard, may accept control commands to, e.g., select stacker, display keyboard lights, while a device traditionally considered as an output device may provide status data, e.g., low toner, out of paper, paper jam.
In computer architecture, the combination of the CPU and main memory, to which the CPU can read or write directly using individual instructions, is considered the brain of a computer. Any transfer of information to or from the CPU/memory combo, for example by reading data from a disk drive, is considered I/O. The CPU and its supporting circuitry may provide memory-mapped I/O that is used in low-level computer programming, such as in the implementation of device drivers, or may provide access to I/O channels. An I/O algorithm is one designed to exploit locality and perform efficiently when exchanging data with a secondary storage device, such as a disk drive.

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  1. Z

    B Doubts about the definition of a linear system

    hello I have doubts about linear system suppose that x is the input and y the output if x1 then y1 if x2 then y2 the system is linear if if (x1+x2) then (y1+y2) now, take a mass m you can write f = m*a however suppose that m changes with position m = m(x) above equations should be still...
  2. D

    B Magnetic field and generator power output

    Hi, I am confused about whether decreasing the magnetic field used for a generator could increase the generator's power output. I used four equations: 1. Torque = Force x radius 2. Torque = NIAB (N = number of turns, I = current, A = area of armature, B = magnetic field). 3. emf =...
  3. emilmammadzada

    Fluka user routines -- Questions about Input and Output files

    Hello dear experts. I want to run this input file flex_03.inp in fluka, but there is also a writect.f file belonging to this file.In another application, head.vxl, ascii_head are shown in the output files of this input file.What steps do I need to apply to the same files so that I can see this...
  4. J

    B Fusion, bigger output than input?

    Fusion has bigger output then input, because produce more energy than to initiate reaction. This is allways case, for example 100kg of wood burning produce much more energy then initiate fire with one match fire. Can someone explain this statement?
  5. A

    I What does the output of a radio telescope look like?

    What does the output of a radio telescope look like? I suppose it is not an image like that of a telescope observing visible light
  6. PhysicsTest

    Engineering Hall Sensor Output for Position of Rotor in BLDC Motor

    I wanted to understand the output of the hall sensor to detect the position of the rotor in the BLDC motor. The hall sensors are placed 120degrees apart. I downloaded one of the TI application notes and understanding it, and referring to the diagram The rotor North and South is in a single...
  7. A

    Engineering Why is the output voltage of the subtractor calculated like this?

    Hello! Consider this operational amplifier circuit,a subtractor to be more precise I need to find the Ua (output voltage) using superposition; Now I dont have any values given for the resistors but that they are all the same (R1=R2=R3=R4=R5) so I just need to find the expressions.I've tried...
  8. J

    Input & Output Explained: What Does It Mean & Why Is It Relevant?

    Can someone explain the question so I can attempt a solution? What does it mean by input and output and why is that relevant?
  9. V

    Why Do MATLAB and My Calculator Show Different Results for g(x) and h(x)?

    I am having a bit of trouble understanding what the values of g(x) and h(x) mean. I went through it by hand and here is information that I gathered about the values and questions I am trying to answer to gain a better understanding. Firstly, for the value of x=1e-10 both the numerator of g(x)...
  10. D

    Uninterruptible power supply output specifications

    Why do some UPSs have both Volt-amp and watt rating? According to APC, the connected load shouldn't exceed the UPS's VA and watt rating. Why? If I had a UPS with 1000VA and 500W rating, why can't it power a load consuming 1000VA @ 900W? If a UPS can output 1000VA, why does it care how much...
  11. russ_watters

    How to Make a 24V Transformer Output 24V?

    My friend bought a condo last winter and now in cooling season her AC unit (water source heat pump) is faulting-off sporadically. I've done some basic troubleshooting, and the unit is showing a over/under voltage fault on its LED. It's a 208V/1ph unit. According to the manual, the controller...
  12. W

    How to Read this Output from 'Net Share' (Win Command Line)

    Hi, I was experimenting , after doing some reading, with 'Net Share' in my Windows 10 Command Line, on my PC, which I'm not using as a server, i.e., I'm not running ( nor do I have installed) Windows Server nor other server software. The output was: Share name Resource...
  13. PhysicsTest

    Can LCL Filter Convert AC to DC for Half Bridge Section?

    I am trying to simulate the active converter, I have seen in you tube video the output of the grid 3 phase voltage is given to LCL filter, the output of the LCL filter is then given to the half bridge section. I assume that the output of the LCL filter is a DC instead of the sine wave, as it is...
  14. Eclair_de_XII

    Bash: cd producing "ls"-like output upon execution

    I have screenshots, but I'm not willing to share the contents of my Documents folder in a public forum. Is anyone willing to assist me? Additionally, I have "cd" aliased to "HOME=~/Desktop cd" in my ~/.bash_aliases file, if that helps. I might have also had two terminal emulator tabs open while...
  15. K

    The effect of slightly slanted distance (arm) on torque output

    Hi everyone. In most cases when torque and lever arm are being discussed, it is the angle between the force and the arm that matters (like in the following picture). However, non of the articles that I have read so far have mentioned anything about the distance between force and fastener being...
  16. altruan23

    Engineering Op amp circuit -- Did I calculate the output voltage correctly?

    can someone check, if i calculated the output voltage correct? i used virtual ground because V+-input of the op amp is 0 --> V- input is then also 0.
  17. A

    Fission Products that come from the MCNP output?

    What are the most important fission products should I include/care about that comes out from the MCNP output?
  18. sophiecentaur

    Appliances Reducing output of log burning stove

    My log burner is just too powerful for everyday use. It is spec'd at 5kW and has an area of about 200X400mm. It's a single fuel design with no bottom vent. The air control is quite clever. It has an 'air curtain' supply which comes down from the top and two adjustable slots in the doors to get...
  19. B

    Finding the output V of a filter

    Hi everyone, I've been having trouble on how to answer this question This is my attempt at it below, but I am not sure what values of t to sub in for evaluating the integral. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks
  20. D

    Engineering Input and Output Impedance of circuit

    Hi, I have a circuit with 3 transistors I want to rewrite to a small signal model. When multiple transistors are in the circuit I get confused how to do it. This is the signal model and small signal model I have. Is it wrong?
  21. A

    MCNP Output Data: Tutorials & PDFs for SCWR Criticality Analysis

    Hi, Is there any tutorial or pdfs that can help me with the MCNP output data? I'm working on the criticality of the SCWR, and I designed the fuel assembly and run it on the MCNP, but I have no idea about data extraction.
  22. Callum Plunkett

    Engineering Opamp Output Offset: Solving for Rf in Circuit with Unknown Feedback Resistor

    I’ve been given the attached question and equation in regard to output offset. I know all the required values apart from Rf. Normally id assume Rf was the feedback resistor however that (as far as I can tell from the circuit) is marked as R2. Would I be right if I assumed this value was Rf =...
  23. anikad

    Which variables determine the exact output of this condensing device?

    Good day all:smile:! I've been researching on 'Atmospheric water harvester' (AWH) devices. As I researched many functioning mechanisms on such devices, the most workable mechanism to me seems to be the one illustrated in the picture attached to this thread. (i.e running hot...
  24. P

    Engineering Analyzing the output impedance and open loop gain of a IC-741 Op-Amp

    Here is the internal circuit of the 741 Op-Amp - Looking at the output stage, the output impedance seems to be the series combination of ##25 \Omega## and ##50 \Omega##, that is ##75 \Omega##. Is this a qualitative explanation enough to justify the output impedance, or am I wrong somewhere and...
  25. G

    Modifying generator windings to convert output from 220V to 55V.

    Sirs, I have two honda clone 2.5KW/220VAC gasoline generators, one with AVR and another with Capacitor excitation. I want to modify alternator windings of one of them so that it can directly output around 55VAC which shall then be rectified and use it to charge 48V batteries. I have fair...
  26. jeverez

    Engineering Generator Output: 20 Coils, 9 Turns, 120V to 12000V?

    if 20 turns coils at 9 each produce 120volt will turning the 9 coil 200times increase voltage to 12000volt
  27. SpinnerDude

    I Calculating power output on a spin bike

    So...I have a home spin bike which unfortunately lacks the sensors of some of the more expensive models. What I'm trying to do is work out if I can dynamically calculate my power output. The spin bike itself has: - An 18kg flywheel of radius 30cm - Direct drive between the crank and the...
  28. PainterGuy

    B Why was the Sun's output not as intense in the past?

    Hi, I was reading the Wikipedia article on Faint young Sun paradox, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Faint_young_Sun_paradox. I couldn't understand the reason why the sun's output wasn't as intense in the past as it is now. The article says: Does it mean that in the past the sun was using...
  29. Spinnor

    I Output of down converted beam not proportional to input beam power?

    There are optical crystals that can convert a small fraction of the incoming beam of light into light of different frequency. See the Wiki article, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spontaneous_parametric_down-conversion "Spontaneous parametric down-conversion (also known as SPDC, parametric...
  30. J

    A Feynman diagram for bound particle output

    I am interested on how Feynman diagram is formed from a differential equation model of particle interaction wherein the incoming particles are not bound (e.g., separated neutron, proton and electron) and one or more of the outgoing particles are bound (e.g., hydrogen atom). However, I had never...
  31. L

    Why does a photomultiplier tube produce a negative output pulse?

    The standard output waveform of a photomultiplier tube has a "negative" pulse, like below. Why is the amplitude negative?
  32. PRITAM the cat of Ne

    Engineering Op-Amp circuit output analysis trouble

    THE ANSWER IS GIVEN: 6V, but according to me as the positive terminal is grounded the negative terminal will be virtually grounded (0V), from ohm's law (applying to the two series resistance) it is expected that Vo is 0V! I don't know where I am getting wrong!
  33. J

    Engineering Calculating the DC value of the output voltage for a full wave rectifier

    I need help with part (a)... I know that the root-mean-square voltage is the dc-equivalent voltage for an AC waveform and what my book labels "##V_{dc}## is actually the average voltage. Hence I am assuming the question is asking me to find ##V_{rms}## ... Is my assumption that the...
  34. F

    How do atheletes sustain high power output, physiologically?

    I am ~180lbs and have been lifting weights for about 12 years straight. I have also been running 3-4 times per week for the last 8 ish years. I have recently gotten into cycling, and noticed at the gym on the Schwinn "spin" bike, I will have peaks of around 400-500 watts, but it's definitely...
  35. M

    How to calculate the electrical power output using the Organic Rankine Cycle?

    Basically this would be a closed loop geothermal system for electrical power generation. The system would consist of 2 Horizontal Wells connected creating a U-shaped closed loop cycle using thermosiphon effect, with constant recirculation. It's not really a conventional geothermal power...
  36. icesalmon

    Engineering What is the output for the following logic circuit?

    I obtained the following result: ([(A xor B) xor 0]* AC)' ([(A'B + AB') xor (0)]*AC)' [([A'B + AB']*(0)' + 0)*AC)]' [(A'B + AB')*(1)*(AC)]' [A'ABC + AB'AC]' [AB'C]' A'+B+C' the solution to this problem is getting a different answer, I don't know why this solution isn't inverting the output AB'C
  37. Z

    Derivative of Cost Function with Respect to Output Layer Weight

    This is an issue I've been stuck on for about two weeks. No matter how many times I take this derivative, I keep getting the same answer. However, this answer is inevitably wrong. Please help me to understand why it incorrect. To start, I will define an input matrix ##X##, where ##n## is the...
  38. rdawe

    Dividing the output of a VCO or....

    Hello, I am looking to build a small RF circuit to drive a pan/tilt antenna tracker. The tracker will have 3 identical directional antennas arranged in a triangular pattern and will use RSSI to follow the signal (obviously) horizontally and vertically. My idea is to design a single PCB...
  39. F

    Engineering The connections in designing an I/O interface with output port

    The connections are as follows: The "D" pins are connected to the data bus, the "Q" pins to the device, the "E" control to the block address decoder, the "OE(bar)" to ground. Am I right?
  40. J

    Electronics Designing a buck converter with feedback and a regulated output

    I had a bunch of questions regarding the feedback component as well as the feedback mechanism itself. 1. I am using the attached schematic as reference for my design. As per the LM2576 module data sheet, it can handle a maximum current of 3 A whereas I need the IC to handle at least 15 A...
  41. N

    What Does Tie Pin 1 High to Enable the Output Mean in Electronics?

    Hello, I am new to engineering first year! I was wondering what "Tie pin 1 high to enable the output" My boss asked me to look at a crystal and asked me to do a small PCBA in PCB Express, but I am not sure what "high" is, is "high" tied to the +5V supply or is he asking for me to drop a pullup...
  42. M

    MHB Draw a NAND-gate to get that output

    Hey! 😊 I want to draw a circuit that has four inputs a, b, c, d, and which gives the value $[(a \lor b) \lor (c \lor \neg d)] \land (c \land \neg a)$ at the output, using exclusively the NAND gates with two inputs. Hint: If you connect the two inputs of such a NAND gate, you get a so-called...
  43. jaumzaum

    Air conditioner without heat output - Is it possible?

    Hello everybody! I was wondering today if physically, it'd be possible for the world to develop an air conditioner without an outdoor heat unit? I know this seems to violate the second law of thermodynamics, but the known version of the second law thermodynamics only consider this is impossible...
  44. M

    Engineering What is the torque output by this gearbox?

    Hi, I was just working through this gearbox problem and the answer key has different results to mine. I thought that I should show my working to see where the error is on their part or mine? This is the gear box (for reference, ## N_s = 32 ##, ## N_p = 16 ##, and ## N_r = 64 ##) My attempt...
  45. Rongeet Banerjee

    How can I find the DC component of an Output Sinusoidal Voltage?

    I had previously solved this using Root Mean Square method by integrating the value of voltage from t=0 to t=T/2 and then from t=T/2 to t=T.Answer was Vo/2½.Yesterday I found this question👇🏾 if I followed the previous approach then: 5 volts is not even in the option. How can I find the DC...
  46. Mayan Fung

    How to get maximal power output from solar panels in reality

    I learned that solar panels have their maximal power output at a particular voltage and current level. If we want to get the max power, we have to connect a load with a specific resistance. However, in reality, how does the solar plants solve this problem? I guess they won't allow the power...
  47. Mayan Fung

    Controlling output light power by constructive/destructive interference

    In optical communications, one of the modulation methods is to control the optical power (Simplest case, for example, bright = bit 1, dim = bit 0). I learned that we can achieve this by a Mach-Zehnder modulator (MZ modulator). Simply speaking, the principle of MZ modulator is to split the input...