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Matlab Problem, not understanding what they are asking for

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    The following formula is a function of the radian frequency w of the input voltage. Formulas for M are derived in elementary electrical circuits courses. For this particular circuit, M is given by:


    The frequency at which M is a max. is the frequency of the desired carrier signal.

    a) Determine this frequency as a function of R, C, and L

    It isn't that the programming on this is tough but I just don't understand if they are asking for me to make it like M(R,C,L), meaning set R,C,L to x and then make it a function of x, or if they are saying to find the max of the functions M(R), M(L), and M(C). They aren't giving me any values so I am getting a little confused.

    I was just going to take the derivative of the function (the max) and figure it out that way but do I need to take it of one function or of all three?
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    You will have to take the derivative of M with respect to w and set that to zero. That being said, this assumes that R, C and L are constants which is usually the case.
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