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Matlab user input variable name

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    I am writing a program where I have the user input the name of two previously created vectors, the computer subtracts them and then generates a variable in the workspace. I was wondering if there was a way to let the user pick this name. I have so far (Y and N have been previously defined as 1 and 0):

    subtract_data=input('Would you like to subtract any data sets? Y/N');
    if subtract_data == 1
    higher=input('Enter the name of the spectrum you would like to subtract from');
    lower=input('Enter the name of the spectrum you are subtracting');
    filename=input('Input file name: ', 's');



    I am not sure where to go from here how to get the variable new_data to be titled what the user inputs as filename.

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    You can use the eval function to evaluate text strings:

    >> bob = 'eye(3)'
    >> eval(bob)

    would run the command to create a 3x3 identity matrix. Really helpful (if inefficient) command since you can generate stuff on the fly, e.g. plotting a variable number of datasets on a 2D graph.
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