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[Matlab] Function Handle-user input

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    My question is in relation to Matlab.

    I'm curious, is there anyway to employ user inputs for function handles?

    By this I mean that the user is prompted to enter they're chosen function and the next line of code employs that into a handle.

    My quick and rough attempt was:

    a=input('enter a function in terms of x: ')
    f=@(x) a

    But I receive an error saying "Undefined function or variable x"

    Any suggestions greatly appreciated.
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    I don't think that's possible. They would have to input the entire function handle, not just a piece.

    Otherwise, what is a? If they input a number, or a matrix, then "@(x) a" just returns a, and isn't really a function. If they input a string like 'sin', then "@(x) a" just doesn't make any sense. They need to input a function handle, since it is a fundamental type.

    It would be similar to asking, "Input a matrix that is half int32 and half double." Not possible. Matrices can be entirely int32 or entirely double, but not both.
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