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An input method (or input method editor, commonly abbreviated IME) is an operating system component or program that enables users to generate characters not natively available on their input devices by using sequences of characters (or mouse operations) that are natively available on their input devices. Using an input method is usually necessary for languages that have more graphemes than there are keys on the keyboard.
For instance, on the computer, this allows the user of Latin keyboards to input Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Indic characters. On hand-held devices, it enables using the numeric keypad to enter Latin alphabet characters (or any other alphabet characters) or a screen display to be touched to do so. On some operating systems, an input method is also used to define the behaviour of the dead keys.

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  1. steph_ws23

    Learning VisEd for MCNP

    I'm beginning in Vised for MCNP6 and i want to modify my imput file inside vised to understand how when i changed cards this affects the simulation. The problem is that i can't save inside vised my imput file, i have to open my imput file in an editor text an then reopen this file in vised...
  2. Z

    B Doubts about the definition of a linear system

    hello I have doubts about linear system suppose that x is the input and y the output if x1 then y1 if x2 then y2 the system is linear if if (x1+x2) then (y1+y2) now, take a mass m you can write f = m*a however suppose that m changes with position m = m(x) above equations should be still...
  3. A

    Mathematica - How to Go to Next Line Without Running Process?

    I am trying to run multiple lines input in Mathematica in the free-form input. From everything I read online, you simply hit "enter", but hitting enter runs my process. Both enters, the one next to my letters, and the one on the numerical keypad. Hitting shift+enter also runs it. I can't...
  4. G

    Engineering Sinusoidal response to sinusoidal input (Process control)

    This a homeawork from my graduate course. I know that a sinusoidal input affects both the amplitude and phase of the response, but I don't know how it does. I'd be really glad if someone could help. Thanks
  5. al4n

    B Looking for a specific periodic function

    Is there a function that outputs a 1 when the input is a multiple of a number of your choice and 0 if otherwise. The input is also restricted to natural numbers. The only thing I can come up with is something of the form: f(x) = [sin(ax)+1]/2 but this does not output a 0 when I want it.
  6. shivajikobardan

    How to take input in hh:mm format in C++ and parse it?

    TL;DR Summary: hh:mm format input I'm solving this problem. I've the algorithm ready. Here's it. But it's the easy part. The hard part is to code it specially in C++. (Not that I can do this in javascript). How do I take say 14:30 as input(exactly that) and parse 14, parse 30 from it?
  7. emilmammadzada

    Fluka user routines -- Questions about Input and Output files

    Hello dear experts. I want to run this input file flex_03.inp in fluka, but there is also a writect.f file belonging to this file.In another application, head.vxl, ascii_head are shown in the output files of this input file.What steps do I need to apply to the same files so that I can see this...
  8. Islam Nabil

    I need an MCNP simulated APR1400 input file

    need a MCNP simulated APR1400 input file? which consists of lattice 16x16 inside a lattice 17x17 ??
  9. Islam Nabil

    MCNP lattice of the fuel assembly input file?

    There is an input file for a simple 16 x 16 lattice fuel assembly. I have a message blocking the run of the code; "bad trouble in subroutine newcel of mcrun source particle no 1 random number 6647299061401 zero lattice element hit." What is wrong?
  10. curiousPep

    Engineering Can I use root locus when the input is the negative feedback?

    I have used root locus before but my confusion now is that the input is the negative feedback. Usually when I have negative feedback I consider the the error between the input (ideal) signal and the observed signal. Also, in this case what is the tranfer function since u = -k*y, and what does...
  11. J

    B Fusion, bigger output than input?

    Fusion has bigger output then input, because produce more energy than to initiate reaction. This is allways case, for example 100kg of wood burning produce much more energy then initiate fire with one match fire. Can someone explain this statement?
  12. A

    Why Does MCNP Delete Surfaces in Hexagonal Fuel Element Simulations?

    Hello Tried to model gas cooled reactor with hexagonal fuel elements. MCNP keep deleting surfaces (If you could, run my input and check the .txto file) so the simulations won't run Any advice?
  13. shivajikobardan

    JavaScript Input Direction confusion in snake game javascript

    Here's the full code: This is the code that I'm interested in:window.addEventListener("keydown", e => { inputDir = { x: 0, y: 1 }; moveSound.play(); switch (e.key) { case "ArrowUp": inputDir.x = 0; inputDir.y = -1; break; case "ArrowDown": inputDir.x =...
  14. emilmammadzada

    MCNP5 stopping power for input file

    Where can I find stopping power input file examples for mcnp5?
  15. J

    Input & Output Explained: What Does It Mean & Why Is It Relevant?

    Can someone explain the question so I can attempt a solution? What does it mean by input and output and why is that relevant?
  16. electronic engineer

    Engineering What is the impact of ADC quanta on op-amp offset error?

    Hello, i have questions from a book that I'm reading, it's full of interesting problems about Electrical Engineering. For now i want to ask about op-amp offset error. I will post a copy of the problem here. We can talk about it, i have an idea about offset error so i can share it here later...
  17. A

    Engineering Small Signal Input Resistance of a BJT amplifier

    The diagram of the BJT amplifier small signal model is below. This is not really a homework question as I am self-learning electronics, but I was advised it may be better placed here than in the technical portion of the forum. Thus I do not have an "attempt" at a solution (which is given as RI...
  18. K

    A Laser signal input for PDH lock

    Hello! I have a laser with only one input for external signals. Currently I use that to send the error feedback signal when I measure the power transmission from my cavity (not using PDH). If I want to use PDH, I would need to modulate the laser frequency, which means that I need to send to the...
  19. B

    Python Input error for LSTM neural network

    Hi everyone, I have to classify a DNA sequence with a LSTM neural network but I have a problem with the inputs shame. Both the sequence and the class are encoded with One Hot Encoding and my code is this: import pandas as pd import numpy as np data = pd.read_csv('splice.data', header = None)...
  20. D

    Engineering Input and Output Impedance of circuit

    Hi, I have a circuit with 3 transistors I want to rewrite to a small signal model. When multiple transistors are in the circuit I get confused how to do it. This is the signal model and small signal model I have. Is it wrong?
  21. M

    I Input on a basic Copenhagen question

    As if you couldn't guess from the question, I'm very much a layman wrt physics, but here it is anyway: I've read a number of (non-technical) books on quantum physics but I can't seem to find much - indeed anything at all - on the role of time in collapse of the wave function when considering...
  22. brainbaby

    Calculating Input impedance of a CC amplifier

    Hi friends, Here is a CC amplifier The objective is to calculate its input impedance. Two ways are employed. *calculating input impedance using series resistor method (manual method) (refer first two attachment) V1 = 1mV = 0.001 V V2 = 656.4129mV = 0.6564129 V R = 1K Iin = 343.83207µA =...
  23. nuclearsneke

    How to finally run an input file via VISED/MCNP5 without error?

    Howdy, my fellow nuclear colleagues! I am new to MCNP5 and currently I am trying to simulate something simple like a sphere of UO2 to calculate its critical size. Whenever I run my file via MCNP5 or Vised, I get an error message like bad trouble in subroutine pass1 of imcn...
  24. P

    Engineering Finding out the input impedance in a negative feedback op-amp

    In this case, there is negative feedback. ##V_{out}## is almost equal to ##V_{in}## in this case. But I really can't understand how to even proceed to find out the input impedance in this case, from the equation I know. Can someone help me out in figuring how should I proceed?
  25. F

    I Request for Input: 2D Minkowski Spacetime Diagram Generator

    I’m planning to write a 2D Minkowsky spacetime diagram generator tool. At this point, I am looking for help reviewing the specification. I am not looking for help with the implemenation. To be clear, I’ve written a complete specification, but it would be a waste if it was missing features that...
  26. I

    Input Resistance of this BJT Amplifier

    Hi i got a question ,how do i calculate the input resistance ,of the RS resistor ,so i would get half of the voltage of the voltage source (500mA) .I've created the circuit in ltspice and found out that its around 95K ohms to get 250mA,but how would i calculate it . Ive also attached my...
  27. Spinnor

    I Output of down converted beam not proportional to input beam power?

    There are optical crystals that can convert a small fraction of the incoming beam of light into light of different frequency. See the Wiki article, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spontaneous_parametric_down-conversion "Spontaneous parametric down-conversion (also known as SPDC, parametric...
  28. I

    Two Stage Amplifier -- Find the Input Resistance

    Am trying to find Effects of Feedback - Input resistance of this circuit. Is this the formula that in need to use to find the input resistance of this circuit ?
  29. I

    Calculate Input Resistance: Formula & Tips

    I want to calculate the input resistance ,but i don't really know how to do it .am not sure is the formula R1(1+BA0)?
  30. F

    I Why is it important to convert angle units when using trigonometric functions?

    Hello, Periodic trigonometric functions, like sine and cosine, generally take an angle as input to produce an output. Functions do that: given an input they produce an output. Angles are numerically given by real numbers and can be expressed either in radians or degrees (just two different...
  31. Ntip

    How Do I Design an EMI Filter for a Converter with Only Voltage and Power Specs?

    I am starting the input filter design for a converter and only have the voltage and power specs. It will be the input filter to other converters on a parallel bus, so I could look at the datasheets for those and get some specs there. I do not have any information from the input converter to this...
  32. L

    MHB Understanding O(h): Examining Functions with h as an Input

    Let \mid h \mid < 1. Which of the following functions are O(h)? Explain. -4h h+h^2 \mid h \mid ^{0.5} h + cos (h) Based on my notes, f(h) = O(h) only if \mid f \mid ≤ C \mid h \mid , where C is a constant independent of h. I can only solve for the first function -4h, as I can...
  33. M

    I Locally mediated interpretations with future input dependence

    Just read this paper: https://arxiv.org/pdf/1906.04313.pdf At first it had me thinking that locally mediated, future dependent interpretations are the way to go. Yet it admits these seem to be rare relative to other types of interpretations. Any good intuition or reasons why this is rare in...
  34. Nick tringali

    Research ideas for my Neurobiology class -- All Input Wanted Please

    For my neurobiology class, my partners and I are expected to design an experiment of anything we would like to do. Here is what we have thus far: In class (Lab) we did a neuron culture by taking the forebrain from a chick egg. We did some processes and our objective was to culture it. Forgive me...
  35. K

    Automotive Modal analysis - Input and boundary conditions given?

    My understanding in modal analysis is very limited. All I know is it helps to find a specific mode of vibration and the natural frequency corresponding to it. While I was discussing about this with my NVH team colleague, he told me that there is no force input or excitation input given to a...
  36. Kaguro

    Engineering What to Do When Input Voltage is Variable? | 5-20mA Range Explained

    This is a very confusing situation for me. If the input voltage were constant, then I would be able to understand that by varying load resistance, I can change the current through it, such that the drop across the load = Vz = 6.8V. But the input voltage is also not constant. So what am I to...
  37. Furthark

    MHB Attempting to add logic mathematics to a college paper - need your input

    Hello, I am a retired Marine that has decided to pursue an undergraduate degree in programming and am currently working on paper that discusses the future of Mobile Computing. In this paper I am introducing a hypothetical process that assists in forecasting the future of mobile computing. To do...
  38. W

    Windows10 Searchbox not Allowing Text Input

    Hi, I can't enter any text into my Windows10 searchbox. Obviously it's not a keyboard problem, as I am typing this in. I looked up a few solutions, neither worked. Any ideas?
  39. putrinh

    How to solve this to calculate the input impedance?

    How did you find PF?: Google search I got a problem, how to calculate this formula from euler to imajiner? or how calculate this case?
  40. Jason-Li

    Comp Sci Laplace Transform of the input portion of this circuit

    So I have completed (a) as this (original on the left): I have then went onto (b) and I have equated T(s)=Z(s) as follows: and due to hence Does this look correct to you smarter people? Thanks in advance! All replies are welcome :)
  41. E

    I'd like to find a power bank circuit with 2.7V input

    Hey, can you find me a power bank circuit which has 2.7V input?? Because I'm in a project which makes power bank with super capacitor, and you knows that we can't input voltage above the maximum voltage of capacitor, right? You can refer this video. Thanks.
  42. R

    Calculating the spring displacement response from an acceleration input

    I'm working on a project where we have a mass (50 kg) sitting on a spring (350 N/mm) and are subjecting it to a sudden impulse (20g) along the spring axis to simulate a shock. We have the profile of the acceleration defined as: ##a(t) = x''(t) = P\cdot \sin^2 (\pi \cdot t / T)## Where P (peak...
  43. E

    Help with Homework Equation: Input Impedance

    Homework Equation: I do not think I am getting the correct answer for this problem when I do it out by hand. Do I plug the necessary values into the equation shown above or do I say that because it is an infinite line that the characteristic impedance is equal to the input impedance? If the...
  44. W

    Getting the Answer in terms of Input()

    Hi, I have this mini-program and I am being lazy. Wherever I post this they make me go through a grinder reviewing basics . I just need a small hint. We are asking for the name of the user in "name =input()". I would like the line immediately after name 'x' is inputed to print 'Hi, x '. Instead...
  45. D

    Confusion on: High Pass Filter at Op Amp Input

    Hello, I am simulating the input impedance of a high-pass filter with the output voltage of the filter input to the non-inverting pin of an op amp. I'm confused as to why the input impedance can possibly dip below the resistance of the high-pass filter resistor. Please see the following circuit...
  46. S

    Python: printing every other input using a for loop

    I want my output to read only the integers. Here's my attempt: number = int(input()) for i in range(2, number+1, 2): print(input())
  47. A

    B Input Energy of Radioactive Decays

    But how about some radioactive decays? (α, SF, CD, ...) Don't we need energy to to separate some nucleons of a radioactive nucleus?
  48. J

    Engineering Output waveform after input rising edge and before output falling edge

    A is given waveform, we have to use circuits to get B and C waveform. For B we can use an And Gate with 2 inputs, X and Y. X is buffered (to get some delay) and is fed to Y input of And Gate. So we'll get waveform B. But I don't know how to get C waveform. The question is that even if I extend...