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MATLABCan it do Symbolic Manipulations?

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    For example: If I have some ridiculously long equation, and I want to solve it for 'x' can it do it?

    I know that there are better software packages that can handle symbolic notation like Mathematica, but I would like for my output to be in the style of MATLAB.
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    If you have the Symbolic Math Toolbox, then yes.

    - Warren
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    Oooh...I think I just might!
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    Keep in mind that SMT is only available on 32bit installations of Matlab in the Windows environment, if you've got the 64bit variation installed, then congratulations you don't have SMT. Oddly enough SMT is available in 64bit Matlab for for the linux environment.

    I just figured I'd throw out the heads up since I wasted a day trying to figure out why 'syms' wasn't recognized on my 64bit matlab install.
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    there is MATLAB for the linux environment? got have that...
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    Just for the record, Sym. Math Toolbox is not aware of cosh/sinh functions when simplifying equations. It can't see them.
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