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Matrix Solution and variable multiplication

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    Can we multiply a row with a variable and add it with another row while solving homogeneous system of equations as a matrix?
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    It might help if you gave an example of what you want to do. But I'm pretty sure the answer is yes, if it will help you solve the system (for example if the matrix has variable entries).
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    What do you mean by "variable"? If you have a system of equations in x, y, z, ..., then the matrix you use to solve the system is the matrix of coefficients, all numbers. It would make no sense to multiply by x, y, z, ...- and it would not help you to reduce the matrix.

    But if you have a system of equations in x, y, z, ... where the coefficients depend on one or more parameters, they, yes, you might well want to multiply by those parameters.
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