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Matsubara frequency convergency factor

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    hi, everyone,this is the first time i put a thread here.
    thanks in advance

    i am now learning functional integral techniques in condensed matter physics.when dealing with Matsubara frequency summations,one will meet with the convergency factor(for example http://www.tcm.phy.cam.ac.uk/~bds10/tp3.html,lecture [Broken] notes chapter 4,14/19,then info.)i really don't know how one can get the correct convergency factor,can anyone help me on this problems,or just tell me what does the author mean in the material i gave above.
    it's of great help for me.
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    Hello! Are you at Cambridge? If so, maybe the correct approach would be to wait for Ben to actually do the course, and ask him!

    First of all, do you understand why the Matsubara summation method works, and what is needed for it to be applicable?
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    thanks. i am not at Cambridge. for your question, I don't know the answer. some one asked me this question long before. what i know is matsubara summation is nothing but a summation caused by fourier transformation, like momentum.
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