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Matter, antimatter, and durak equation

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    matter, antimatter, and Dirac equation

    As far as I know the Dirac equation states that there is a copy of this universe somewhere made up of only antimatter. At the same time isnt the lhc being used to find out why normal matter 'won' at the creation of the universe? But at the same time with the Dirac equation we know that antimatter 'won' in the same way in some other universe.

    so then how does CP-volation happen? didnt it happen in equal but opposite ways for the matter universe and the antimatter universe?

    what if were the antimatter universe actually?

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    If you are calling Dirac durak, it's not funny.
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    Typo - its fixed now
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    Re: matter, antimatter, and Dirac equation

    A good book on the subject is "Antimatter" by Frank Close of Oxford. It's not a difficult read.
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