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Matter-antimatter basis for dark energy

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    Could the impetus for the ever-expanding universe lie in an exotic, long range repulsion between primordial matter and antimatter (as in the term cosmon)? If so, it might be possible to calculate the abundance of antimatter at a given distance and direction by variations in redshift from the Hubble law.
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    Force between matter and antimatter is normal gravitational attraction, not repulsion.
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    How do you know that for sure to be true? :confused:

    As far as I know we have no experimental verification for that. Am I wrong?
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    Can we infer it from the inertial behavior of mass - e.g. of the positron and electron, which are the same in an acclerator at the same energy?

    I believe that anti-protons behave the same as protons in accelerator, in terms of mass-energy relationship - as far as we can tell.
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    http://math.ucr.edu/home/baez/physics/ParticleAndNuclear/antimatterFall.html [Broken]
    Seems inconclusive to me.
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