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Homework Help: Maxwell's theory of Tm fact or science fiction

  1. Mar 10, 2009 #1
    1. Is there anyone who can justify Maxwell's Theory of Terrestial magnetik's bieng taught in schools in 2009.

    2. Does Schumman's resonance theory or Balser and Wagner's practical work proving the theory have no importance. Does Tm come from lightning or the hot metal core of the Earth.

    3. I don't think the core of the earth has never been visited or tested by the scientific method or proof of a hot metal core established and in my limeted experiance heat only produces radiation not magnetism. My thought proccess here is the sun has no magnetic poles and theres no magnetic poles on a cold steel ball bearing as far as i'm aware? The Earth must have a Currie point or am i wrong again thinking that.

    Thanks in advance
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    Yes i did, trying to create debate in Maxwells Theory questioning is it defendable or pure nonsense. From replies the question should be who knows Maxwells theory of Tm and as TM involves magneto telluric energy (Mt) I would like to point out the European Unions health and saftey concerns and directive on Mt energies in the workplace. Question, Are they related to Tm are they agrivated by Tm, i think the latter. Our cultural heratage on every continent screems Maxwell was wrong from the roof tops, its ignored and ridiculed because of Maxwells theory and basically bad science education that needs correcting the only way to do that is rip Gilberts De Magnetiq and Maxwell's Theory apart

    Schumann and Balser and Wagner arn't taught at schools though NASA spends a lot of time on Lightning and if Lightning discharging trillions of volts of electricity in the earths surface over a 24/7 period can it be so easily discounted as the real cause of TM in preferance to the earths hot "Metal" core creating Tm, if so science sucks and is basically flawed. Gathering the evidence has taken me 15 years, I can't present the argument because no one ever questioned Maxwell and most dont care. I found Tm affects every aspect of our lives from conception to death,and its affected our cultures from stone age to technology. Its a very passionate subject with me, i hate seeing people suffer or die of ignorance about Tm which thousands do every day.

    Best regards
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