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Science fiction (sometimes shortened to sci-fi or SF) is a genre of speculative fiction that typically deals with imaginative and futuristic concepts such as advanced science and technology, space exploration, time travel, parallel universes, and extraterrestrial life. It has been called the "literature of ideas", and often explores the potential consequences of scientific, social, and technological innovations.Science fiction, whose roots go back to ancient times, is related to fantasy, horror, and superhero fiction, and contains many subgenres. Its exact definition has long been disputed among authors, critics, scholars, and readers.
Science fiction literature, film, television, and other media have become popular and influential over much of the world. Besides providing entertainment, it can also criticize present-day society, and is often said to inspire a "sense of wonder".

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  1. X

    B Could satellite be geo-stationary away from equatorial plane?

    I hope this is okay to ask here. I'm working on a sci-fi short story, and for the purposes of the story I want to have a small ship that maintains its position over a specific location on the Earth's surface. Originally, I thought this would be easy. After all, that's what geostationary...
  2. DennisN

    Dune (2021) movie discussion (incl. spoilers!)

    This is a thread for discussing the SF movie Dune (2021). Please post your opinions and reviews of the movie here, which may contain spoilers. There will be spoilers in this thread so please don't read it if you haven't seen the movie and don't like it spoiled! My short review: I really liked...
  3. DennisN

    Collection of Science Fiction jokes

    I recently saw some very funny memes about Star Wars (which I'll post below), so I thought about starting a thread about jokes about science fiction, e.g. SF movies. Please share funny jokes, pictures and memes about SF and their stories in this thread. And, yes, I know, I'm such a huge SF...
  4. M

    Which of these would be the hardest to do (based on known science)?

    Hardest to do in the real world AND hardest to do in the Star Wars universe so two. They can also be the same one. 1.) SQUID like device- 2.) Mind scanner- Something that can scan an organic beings...
  5. X

    Writing: Input Wanted Questions about Rovers

    Alright, so I'm a screenwriter and I've come across a problem; scientific accuracy. I'm not very smart in terms of science, so I need a little help. The premise of the story goes like this; A group of NASA scientists send a rover up to Europa. It gives them video footage, and they can control...
  6. Lren Zvsm

    Slightly More Plausible Barriers Than Force Fields

    I am contemplating writing a science fiction story involving flexible barriers that can be erected in a very short time. Force fields are pervasive in science fiction, but from what little I've read, they're not very plausible. Is there a flexible material, or class of materials, that...
  7. P

    Quantum Locking and the Earth's Magnetic Field

    Don't know if this is the right place to post this, but it seemed like the best place to start. I'm wondering how much stronger would the earths magnetic field need to be in order to make quantum levitation using earths magnetic field alone a possibility. Bonus: Effects the change in strength of...
  8. F

    Need Forum for Outlandish Science Ideas

    Hello, Does anyone know of a science forum that deals with far out, controversial theories & ideas? This would be similar to the science fiction forum here at PF but may even be more outlandish, however postings would receive serious consideration. I have made some simple animations that I...
  9. W

    Writing: Input Wanted Alternative energy sources? How about photons?

    I'm looking to get into the realm of science fiction writing and am currently working out how the main "SciFi energy source" works in this world I'm trying to make. Fusion reactors are the obvious go-to, but I wanted to get creative, that said: how plausible/effective would it be to directly...
  10. RosutoTakeshi

    Superman created virtual particles?

    Comic is Superman/Batman #80 Superman explains that virtual particles are always spontaneous generated And that he's using his heat vision to (excite) the vacuum in order to accelerate the process. He's generating more virtual particles So my question is, how much energy or heat did...
  11. S

    I Physics behind Stephanson's "Seveneves" -- Moon explodes causing "White Sky" on Earth...

    Story in brief: An unknown agent blows up the moon, initially into 7 major pieces and a bunch of little ones. The pieces are gravitational bound, but collisions between the pieces continues the break up process. Stephanson postulates that the number of pieces reaching the earth's atmosphere...
  12. Aaron1947

    Quantum entanglement: need ideas for creative writing...

    So I'm working on a creative writing exercise, and I need some ideas. It's futuristic science fiction, set about 100 years in the future. The plot in a nutshell is that a rogue element of the government (think DARPA, only more evil) is trying to develop faster than light communication using...
  13. Carlos PdL SdT

    Airflow speed into vacuum

    I have a weird question here. At what speed does air flow from a pressurized container at one atm into vacuum (rupture in ISS for example). I was watching the Martian and I wanted to see how much deltaV Mark Wattney can get by puncturing his suit, so I did my homework and saw that the spacesuit...
  14. GW150914

    I What would the world be like if c→∞ and h=0?

    What would the world be like if the speed of light is infinity and the Planck constant is zero (therefore the world is totally Newtonian)?
  15. Hoverdasher

    Rules for Buckyballs

    I am completing a science fiction novel. The novel takes place in a universe that is twin to ours. Two children and a bitter maid--via scientific accident--were scanned and copied through a tear (created by resonance) in the membrane separating this universe and my make believe universe. In...
  16. N

    B Why technology & science progress slow / slower than sci-fi?

    In science fiction (sci-fi), everything seems to be much more 'cool' / cooler than in reality. Space travel (like Interstellar), teleport / teleportation, time travel / time machine, going to another planet / another dimensions / another universes, cell regeneration even to the point of...
  17. VNV

    How can you negate impact force?

    In my science fiction universe, I have a small technology called a 'Kinetic Absorption Module'. It's not mentioned very often, but it's a key component of my supersoldiers' armor. How it works is it acts like a shock absorber, but within a small, one inch long by one and a half inch wide...
  18. W

    B Could a parallel universe exist?

    I'm just being introduced to quantum mechanics and physics, and I was wondering if the possibility of a parallel universe could exist. And if so, how do we know? I read some articles about the research done with Australian researchers who theorize that parallel universes do exist and interact...
  19. N

    I Why teleportation, time travel, virtual reality haven't happened yet?

    (I apologize beforehand if I'm asking such an 'amateur' question , I admit that I'm not a physics student / physicist nor scientist / science student ,.. but , as just a 'normal ordinary' person, at least I am very interested in these things ,. and how I deeply wish Humanity / Mankind can 'leap...
  20. writer

    I Time dilation time travel for novel - I need a calculation

    Hi! I've written a novel in which my main character travels through time (into the future) 18 years. While the concept of time travel is necessary to the plot, the details are not. Meaning, the book isn't sci-fi, but contains elements that wouldn't normally exist in a contemporary novel, so...
  21. Toby N

    Infinite Loop

    So i'm just really curious and this question is fictional, i'm new so i don't know if this is the right place to post this. Anyway, if there is 2 portal facing each other vertically and a person jump on to it, end up falling forever, i wonders how much could that person reach and is there anyway...
  22. L

    High Speed Transit Help

    Hi everyone, I am an aspiring writer, and I have come here seeking some insight/a second opinion. I recently decided to work on my one novel, a science fiction story, and unlike some other sci-fi writers, I want to make my book as scientifically plausible as I can, without relying on something...
  23. K

    How to defend against lasers?

    Suppose lasers become a common weapon for medium range anti-drone use. Maybe they've gotten too good at dodging gunfire. What kind of laser countermeasures exist? I was thinking, maybe some kind of mist generator to block out vision of the drone. But that would be limited to drones moving at low...
  24. X

    Fiction/Nonfiction novel explaining Magnetism?

    Hi, I am new to the forums and thought of asking this question convenient right here. So, I was wondering that we have many novels explaining Astronomy and Particle physics for non physicists or physics enthusiasts. For example books on Biographies of say Einstein go a little deep into his...
  25. B

    Overpowered technology and Murphy's law

    I am going to write a scifi comic and it has technology that we would see in the 22nd century. People have become spacefaring and they have built colonies on the moon and mars. Nanotechnology, robots and AI such as Cortana are commonplace. Extinct species can be cloned along with a lot of other...
  26. I

    Radius and Mass of an Unknown Planet

    About: As a project, I'm trying to solve for the approximate radius and mass of a approximately earth-sized planet, Mann, from Interstellar. According to what was provided, g = 7.84m/s2 The solid part of the planet is composed of a honeycomb of rock and ice The space inside the honeycomb is...
  27. T

    Exomoon in Permenant Shade?

    Hello, thank you for reading my post. For a story I am working on I am wondering about the plausibility of some star and planet configurations. I have done some web research on my own and learned a lot, but for some things I think my vocabulary and knowledge is too limited to search for exactly...
  28. GiantSheeps

    Hard Science Fiction

    If anyone else here is a fan of hard science fiction, do you have any recommendations? I just read Farside by Ben Bova and I really enjoyed it, so I'd say it's worth a read if you come across it.
  29. A

    Can an AI write a credible novel with Wikipedia and YouTube?

    I always wanted to create a toolbox of critical analysis tools for young people to analyze, debate, and anticipate the near term future given our human nature and our history, especially since the scientific revolution. This is what my novel is intended to do, but writing a first (crap) edition...
  30. S

    Hiring astronomer for science fiction?

    I'd like to hire an astronomer to help me with a writing project (fiction). Do you guys have any tips on how I can go about doing this? The work should be somewhat simple (I would think at least), it involves crafting a fictional galaxy and a few star systems therein. Sorry if this is the...
  31. S

    What are good time travel theories to use for Science Fiction?

    Hello! Sorry, I'm not not exactly sure if this post is in the right thread. But I would just like to ask what time travel theory is appropriate, and hopefully much easier to use, for science fiction? I am planning to write a semi sci-fi short story, and it involves using time travel: to the...
  32. ZapperZ

    VOTE PF Photo Contest - Science Fiction

    This will be an interesting contest to vote on since we have quite a variety of photos even from a small selection. Please vote for the photo that best represents our theme, which should reflect something related to "Science Fiction" 1. ZapperZ 2. Andy Resnick...
  33. ZapperZ

    PF Photo Contest - Science Fiction (9/7-9/13)

    Science Fiction The theme this week could be a challenge. The subject matter is all about Science Fiction. This could be images related to a sci-fi movie, books, TV shows, etc., or something that might easily be considered as a science fiction, such as a spaceship-looking building. Things...
  34. M

    What does science fiction really mean

    Science fiction in my opinion means something scientific that isn't real (at the moment). Looking through history, star trek ect a lot of science fiction there has become a reality. I'm interested in hearing from people who teach / research physics if there was ever a time when something was...
  35. K

    Deja Vu: one amazing science fiction movie!

    De javu is the best science fiction movie i have ever watched,,, the characters are amazingly matching although it is so confusing about this moves from past to present and vice versa but the movies is great :cool:
  36. D

    Hypothetical question from a science fiction writer.

    Hi there, I have a hypothetical question which is prima fascia more than a little ridiculous, but it relates to a science fiction book I'm working on writing. I'm hoping that one or more of the general smart folks here can weigh in on it and give me some realistic answers about a very...
  37. E

    A problem from science fiction - intersecting curves

    1. Homework Statement [/b] A spaceship is traveling on a curved path, f(t) = (t, t2) (We'll assume that the path isn't affected by gravity, this is a math problem, not physics :-) ) It has to release a pod to intersect a space station that has an orbit described by the following: g(t) =...
  38. Ryan_m_b

    Science Fiction and Fantasy Forum Rules

    This forum is ONLY for the discussion of existing science fiction and fantasy stories in movies, books, tv, comics. It is NOT for discussing personal ideas, those would go in the Science fiction WRITING forum if they adhere to the rules for that forum. This forum is not for new ideas or...
  39. lpetrich

    Dimensions of Science Fiction - Hard to Soft, Optimism to Pessimism

    How hard is that SF? – Pharyngula mentions a survey that someone once did, asking people to rate various science-fiction movies on two dimensions. Hard: a work "takes great care in accurately presenting then-known scientific facts". Soft: a work "often and casually violates our understanding...
  40. lpetrich

    Asimov on Science Fiction: the Reaction, not the Action

    In "Future? Tense!" in his essay collection From Earth to Heaven (1965), Isaac Asimov wrote about the nature of science fiction. He noted that science-fictioneers are stereotyped either as indulgers in weird fantasies or as farsighted predictors of the future. After discussing some SFers'...
  41. Aaronvan

    Is Breaking Bad science fiction?

    It contains a lot of science references and is clearly fiction. How should we pidgeonhole it?
  42. S

    Science fiction inventor with another science fiction question

    I am trying to come up with an idea of something tougher than steel for a starship hull and thought there might be a possibility of using a form of rock over an exoskeletal steel frame. I really am ignorant of temperature tolerences of any form of rock but am slightly aware of ceramics heat...
  43. R

    Science-Fiction: What could impede the use of electricity on half of Mars?

    Hello. I’m a new addition to the board, and if I’ve posted in the wrong place or this is otherwise unwelcome, please PM me and let me know. I’m a writer and I’m working on a science-fiction novel set on Mars in the distant future. I can gather most of the information on the planet, the...
  44. Greg Bernhardt

    New Forum: Science Fiction Media!

    We are announcing that mid next week "Skepticism & Debunking" will be removed. All threads will be placed in GD. The "Product Claims" forum will be spared and temporarily placed in GD as well. Over the past year we noticed many threads being locked due to guideline violations. So much so...
  45. L

    Science fiction: what is the green goo in Half-Life?

    This being a physics forum, I'm sure many of you have heard of the 1998 computer game Half-Life. If you don't know, the game is set within a top secret research laboratory deep within the deserts and mesas of Arizona. All hell breaks loose after a massive screwed-up experiment. The...
  46. T

    I want to include something semi-accurate for a part of my science fiction story?

    First off, apologies. I'm not as advanced as most on this forum and hope that my (less than ideal) pairing of physics with science-fiction will not sound completely stupid. Nevertheless, I came here to find a community who actually knows about the physical sciences so I can correct any...
  47. S

    Science fiction inventor with physics question

    Hello, all! Thanks for all the help I have received on other threads. My latest science fiction invention is an battle ice cruiser. I have done the math for how to use energy weapons to compromise the ice shield around my ice ship but have no clue as to how to calculate how much impact ice at...
  48. Integral

    Great TV series: Prophets of Science Fiction

    Runs on the Science channel. Did you know that HG Wells wrote a novel about our modern atomic bomb in 1914. He inspired Szilard to investigate the possibilities. HG Wells has to be seen as the grandfather of the atomic bomb. The World Set Free
  49. R

    What are some of your favorite science-fiction novels?

    I'm going to be making a list of good ones to purchase for summer reading. I would like to see what are some people's favorite books here. If you can put a short description or say why you liked it, that would save me the trouble of reading a plot synopsis on wiki. Go, go, go!
  50. S

    Spaceships and Science fiction

    Moderation note: This thread has been split from another so as not to derail the former thread I have a hard time enjoying Star Wars anymore because of how those spaceships fly around :(