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MCNP: SRCTP file with KCODE card

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    I'm modeling the criticality of a core for a university project using MCNP4C. I've run the core on the appropriate KCODE parameters, specifying the source using the KSRC card, and I was looking to cut down on the computing time using the SRCTP files.

    My problem is that I can't find anywhere in the manual or online that describes how you go about using the SRCTP files. I am aware that you can use the RUNTP files in a continue run, however I want to compare similar but not identical cores, so this is not that useful.

    Does anyone know the correct format or syntax for replacing the KSRC card with a SRCTP file?

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    You need to remove KSRC card and provide additional parameter in the execution command:
    Code (Text):
    mcnp4c n=myinput srctp=mysrctp
    Some MCNP4C-based codes have SRCTP card which you can use instead of KSRC for the same thing. MCNPX has currently very confusing error messages if you just skip KSRC card and do not use the extra parameter, so if it cannot find the existing srctp file - just add the parameter. One can also specify the parameter in the MESSAGE block of input file if you find it more convenient.

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