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News Meanwhile, in other parts of the world

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    Journalist Paints Bleak Picture for Media in Zimbabwe
    US national among three arrested cyberdissidents
    US journalist in Darfur court for espionage
    I contend that [EDIT]for international affairs[/EDIT], there is an undeniable direct proportion between the amount of potent visual material for a given news item and its prominence in news reportings and thereby also its prominence in public opinions. One must wonder why such blatant disregard for freedom of press does not draw more fire fire from news agencies and human rights groups.
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    Are you including all types of News? From Internal country politics to sport? If you are your hypothesis can be rebuked easily: Yes *some* news agencies/broadcasters are paid indirectly via ratings, and commercial newspapers income is generated obviously by the amount for units sold.


    Right now in Europe, there are a lot of stories regarding Tony Blairs future, its actually front page news. The 'visuals' are at a minimal, bar some of him standing out side Number 10.
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    You are correct. I should revise the scope of that hypothesis to international affairs.
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