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News The US military & the Iraqi press

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    It appears that the US military whilst contracting out 'killing' to private contractors are taking upon themselves new duties in the field of journalism.

    Apart from it's legality being highly suspect is it right that the U.S., whilst expounding upon the greatness of democracy to the point they have travelled 1000s of miles to impose it by force on a small country in the M.E., should then undermine one of democracy's basic pillars, the free press, by using them to run their covert psychological operations campaigns?

    It's astonishing just how far off the beaten path the US government has wandered in only a few years.
    The full article is available here http://news.ft.com/cms/s/3ca72216-6179-11da-8470-0000779e2340.html

    Have Bush's supporters in the US any clue as to what this type of behaviour is doing to the US's standing in the world community or do they just not care?
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    This is just par for the course for the Bush administration. If they don't like the news, they just make up their own, even in Iraq.

    The current administrations washing machine only has a spin cycle.
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    at least they arnt taking the approach of just killing reporters who's writings paint a negative picture of americans in iraq. apparently aljaziera offices buildings where bombed some time ago
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    Bush appears to be claiming ignorance as his defence. Perhaps he should speak with his colleagues Rumsfeld and Cheney. I'm pretty sure they could fill him in;
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    The Pentagon has seemed more and more independent from the white house, to me, than I realized in the past. Hasn't independence of the Pentagon from normal rules of conduct, been invoked as an explanation for some of their recent behaviors? It wouldn't surprise me, anymore, if we have a branch of defense that is free to do whatever it wants. Blech.

    Also, the story reminds me of the pre-packaged new segments that Bush etc had aired, a year or two or three (or all) ago.


    There were negative repercussions due to these segments. Hopefully the same will hold for the propaganda spread in Iraq.
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