Measuring cross-sectional area of a cable

  1. How do we measure cross-sectional area of a cable (obviously circular)?
    For example, diameter of a cable as measured from vernier caliper was 19.5 mm. If we apply A = pi(3.14) r2, answer is 298.49 mm square but tag on said cable is showing Area = 10mm square?
    Please explain.
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    No idea. Maybe this was the cross-section of each copper conductor in the cable ?
    Or a typo ?
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    Is it a multi-strand cable, i.e. each strand has a CSA of 10 mm²?
  5. Its a 5-core cable actually. Please let me know whether I am calculating cross-sectional area of cable correctly? You can help me by telling that what will be diameter of a 6 square mm cable?
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