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Homework Help: Measuring intensity of a shadow

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    Is there any relation to find it's strength?
    I have got some raw data -
    1# it depends on distance of light source of the object

    2# how big the luminous object really appears from that place

    3# intensity of the luminous object

    4# how opaque is the object whose shadow is being formed.

    angle of elevation sometimes do also influence.
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    By 'intenisty of a shadow', you mean 'how little light that hits the ground which we see as a shadow'?
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    by it i mean how darker the ground appears i.e how much darker is the shadow.
    one more point to be included
    #5 intensity/darkness of shadow is not changed by or is independent of the texture of the body.
    #6 it also depends on color,and the amount of light emitted or reflected by the body on which shadow is formed.
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