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  1. K

    Waves: Calculate the sound intensity from two speakers

    Two similar speakers are connected to a stereo system that emits a signal of frequency 𝑓. However, the signal to speaker B is inverted so that positive voltage becomes negative (but with the same absolute value) and vice versa for negative voltages that become positive. A sound intensity meter...
  2. A

    Energy Received Physics of Sound question

    I'm not sure! I'm really lost on this problem to be honest.
  3. K

    B Intensity of Spherical Shell of Stars

    Given that L is the luminosity of a single star and there are n stars evenly distributed throughout this thin spherical shell of radius r with thickness dr, what is the total intensity from this shell of stars? My calculations were as follows: Intensity is the power per unit area per steradian...
  4. W

    Intensity of Interference Pattern

    The Attempt at a Solution The solution I keep coming up with is (G) , but the solution sheet says it is (C). I assumed it was (G) because since the slit width is halved the central maximum is bigger so I assumed that X would now be part of the central maximum. Therefore the intensity would be I_0.
  5. zehkari

    Double slit intensity question

    Homework Statement Homework Equations (1) Φ = 2π*(dsinθ/λ) (2) Itotal = I0 cos2(Φ/2) (3) Itotal = I0 cos2(πdy/λR) λ = 585 * 10-9 m R = 0.700 m d = 0.320 * 10-3 m y = ? The Attempt at a Solution a) I used eqn (1) and divided the total oscillations by a complete oscillation to find the...
  6. C

    I Analysis of Ultrasonic Waves at a point

    I have a question regarding a theoretical analysis of Ultrasonic waves : The next picture represents a system of transducers sitting on fixed boards: Datum: * there are 4 transducers ( represented by blue color , indexed by letter ' T ' ) , each outputting Ultrasonic wave (represented by...
  7. S

    I Fraunhofer diffraction experiment- neural density filters

    I'm currently carrying out an experiment with Fraunhofer diffraction. It involves shining a laser beam through neural density filters, a lens and a diffraction grating, to create a diffraction pattern which is then picked up with a CCD camera, to find the intensity of the maximal peaks. However...
  8. T

    I Understanding Gauss' law: diff b/w E and D flux?

    I noticed the other day something odd in how we use Electric and Magnetic flux. The definitions I refer to are magnetic flux density (B), magnetic flux intensity (H), electric displacement field (D) or Electric field density (D) and electric field (E): B = μH ΦB = B*Area & D = εE ΦE = E*Area...
  9. K_Physics

    Loudspeaker Question (Sound and Intensity)

    Homework Statement Suppose a spherical loudspeaker emits sound isotropically at 10 W into a room with completely absorbent walls, floor, and ceiling (an anechoic chamber). (a) What is the intensity of the sound at distance d = 3.0 m from the center of the source? (b) What is the ratio of the...
  10. doktorwho

    Velocity vector and velocity intensity

    Homework Statement Given the velocity vector in the polar coordinates, ##\vec v=-awsin{wt}\vec e_r + awcos{wt}\vec e_\theta## determine the average velocity vector and velocity intensity over a time period ##[0, \pi/2w]## Homework Equations 3. The Attempt at a Solution [/B] For the first part...
  11. O

    Sunlight, Intensity, electric field RMS

    Homework Statement Estimate the rms electric field in the sunlight that hits Uranus, knowing that the Earth receives about 1350 W/m2 and that Uranus is 19.2 times farther away from the Sun (on average) than is the Earth. Homework Equations I=cεoErms2 E=V/d The Attempt at a Solution Eearth=V/d...
  12. F

    I Hydrogen electron transition intensity 2p - 1s

    Let's say we have a transition from state 2p to 1s of an hydrogen atom's electron. The intensity radiated by the electron is given by I = 4/3 ωfi4 e2/c3 |< f | r | i >|2. If we take the the | 2 1 1 > → | 1 0 0 > transition for example, we must compute the following integral : < f | r | i > =...
  13. H

    Intensity at a point on the screen

    Homework Statement Monochromatic light of wavelength 592 nm from a distant source passes through a slit that is 0.0290 mm wide. In the resulting diffraction pattern, the intensity at the center of the central maximum (θ = 0∘) is 3.00×10−5 W/m2 . What is the intensity at a point on the screen...
  14. Ryan Hardt

    Calculating Uncertainty for a Chain of Trig Functions

    Homework Statement I have a series of 12 values that I need to calculate the Theoretical Intensity, I, using the formula below. I have found values for all variables and their uncertainties, and have calculated the I value for each set using the formula. Now I need to calculate the...
  15. S

    Problem on Doppler effect and sound level

    Homework Statement A source emits a spherical sound wave at frequency ##f=110Hz## with power ##P=1 W## in a solid angle of ##2 \pi sr##. An observer moves with velocity ##v_{oss}=108 km/h## towards the source. Determine the sound intensity level received by the moving observer. Homework...
  16. S

    I Doppler shift and change in intensity of a sound wave

    How are the intensity of a sound wave and the Doppler shift of frequency related togheter? That is, if the source or the observer are in relative motion, how does the intensity change? For a sound wave $$I=\frac{1}{2} \rho \omega^2 A^2 c=2 \pi^2 \rho f^2 A^2c$$ (##c## is sound speed, ##\rho##...
  17. EmilyBergendahl

    The Diffraction Grating (Grade 12 Physics)

    Homework Statement Do the maxima created by a diffraction grating all have the same intensity? Explain. Homework Equations mλ = wsinθ (?) The Attempt at a Solution According to the back of my textbook (Nelson Physics 12), the answer is no. I believe the answer may have to do with the fact...
  18. Sean Jackson 01

    I Relationship between power usage and time

    Hello all, I look forward to learning :) EXPLANATION There is a system with, lets say, 10 watt hours of energy available for use. There is an inverse correlation between how much power we choose to use (energy use per second) and how quickly that systems energy will be completely drained. The...
  19. Sean Jackson 01

    I Intensity - Terminology

    Hello all, Great site...such a cool resource. I am a fitness in any profession basing what we do on solid science is vital....and exercise practice goes "some way" to doing this...but it has its flaws. Hopefully a coach will talk about work, power and torque etc correctly, and...
  20. gsmtiger18

    Phase shift of light incident on 2 slits

    Homework Statement Light of wavelength λ = 450 nm is incident upon two thin slits that are separated by a distance d = 25 μm. The light hits a screen L = 2.5 m from the screen. It is observed that at a point y = 2.8 mm from the central maximum the intensity of the light is I = 55 W/m2. a)...
  21. I

    I Calculation of peak acoustic intensity (in water)

    If we know the max. pressure (p) is 2.5 MPa and T = 20 C. Peak intensity, I = p^2 / rho * c where rho = density of water: 0.9982E03 kg/m^3 and c = speed of sound in water: 1482.3 m/s at 20 C I = (2.5E06 [Pa])^2 / 1.4796E06 [kg/m^2/s] = 4.2241E06 W/m^2 Is this correct?
  22. P

    Find emf and the inner resistor of the battery

    Homework Statement When the resistor is R1, in the circle there is the intensity I1 and when the resistor is R2, the intensity becomes I2.Find emf and the inner resistance.[/B] Homework Equations I=emf/R+r The Attempt at a Solution I1=efm/R1+r I2=efm/R2+r efm is equal I1*(R1+r)=I2(R2+r)...
  23. Julian102

    Electric intensity at orthocenter of a triangle.

    Homework Statement At the vertices of a triangle there are + 5C, -7C, -3C of charge respectively. What is the electric intensity and direction at its orthocentre? Homework Equations Each side of the triangle is 1 mm in length. The Attempt at a Solution [/B] I failed to find the distance of...
  24. CMATT

    Laser beam intensity

    What is the intensity in W/m² of a laser beam used to burn away cancerous tissue that, when 94.0% absorbed, puts 539 J of energy into a circular spot 2.11 mm in diameter in 4.00 s?? I've tried a couple different equations and I keep getting the answer wrong. This is due tonight, I'm super...
  25. N

    Moving vehicles and Doppler Effect

    Homework Statement Here is the problem: {Mentor's edit: Here's the text copied from the url: A fire engine moving to the right at 40 m/s sounds its horn ( frequency 500 Hz ) at the two vehicles shown in the figure. The car is...
  26. E

    What is the intensity of an electromagnetic radiation?

    How can I compute the intensity of an electromagnetic radiation if I know ##e_x, e_y, e_z, h_x, h_y,## and ##h_z##, where ##e_i## is the electric field component at ##i## and ##h_i## is the magnetic field component, also at ##i##? Thank you in advance.
  27. Jonski

    Energy Intensity of black coal

    Homework Statement Brown coal, energy content 16 MJ/kg, carbon content 65% by weight, burning in a 30% efficient steam power plant. Homework Equations What is the emissions intensity (kg CO2 emitted/kWh delivered) ? Compare this to Hazelwood which is 1.53 tCO2/Mwh 3. The Attempt at a Solution...
  28. F

    Calculate flux from a radiating disk

    Homework Statement Suppose you have a disk of radius r at x=y=z=0 with its normal pointing up along the z-axis. The disk radiates with specific intensity I(\theta) from its upper surface. Imagine the observer plane is at z=Z, where Z is much greater than r. Let I(\theta) = I = constant...
  29. T

    Power from sound

    Homework Statement Fans at a stadium produce sound that is heard 1km away, the intensity level is 60 dB. How much acoustic power is generated by the fans? Homework Equations B = 10 log (I÷I_0) P=I*A The Attempt at a Solution I= 10^-12*6^10= 10^-6W/m^2 P= 10^-6*4pi*1000^2 =12.56W However...
  30. kelvin490

    Question about intensity of EM waves

    For electromagnetic wave if it's reflected from a perfect conductor standing wave can be form. I wonder why Poynting vector can be used to describe the intensity of standing EM wave. (see p.19 of ). From some textbooks...