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Measuring temperature of a current carrying conductor?

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    how do i measure temperature of a current carrying conductor? i need to know the increase in temperature as i heat it up by passing a current through it. i read somewhere that i could use heat transfer convection equations to find it, but then i would need the precise value of the heat transfer coefficient and specific heat of the material, which i dont have? will any other method work? will a thermocouple work on a current carrying conductor? please help.
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    How accurate do you need to be? What voltage is the conducor at? Is it easily accessable?
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    IR thermometer is your best bet
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    thanks everyone! :D
    but ir thermometers are way too costly... :(
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    what kind of budget do you have for this project?

    can you build a calorimeter? then you'd know how many joules it emits in a given time. from that, you can use the specific heat of the material to find the change in temperature. add that number to room temperature, and you'll have some idea

    what about these: http://www.omega.com/toc_asp/subsectionSC.asp?subsection=A03&book=Temperature

    what kind of manufacturing apparatus do you have access to? can you make your own probe?
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    How long do you need it for?
    Have you considered hiring?
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