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  1. D

    Hot Air Balloon

    Volume of hot air ballon V=((4/3 pi R^3)/2) + (1/3 pi h (R^2 + r^2 + Rh) = 2956.24 m3 Balloon: R=9m h=15m r=1m m = 750 kg H = 5000m T = 373 K p1 = 101300 Pa p2 = 50650 Pa M(air) = 0.029 kg/mol F = mg - 7350 N
  2. Mohammad Sakib

    B Why the temperature of a car does not increase with velocity?

    We know temperature is a measure of average kinetic energy of molecules/particles of a system. Now if a car starts to move, its velocity increases so does its kinetic energy. Therefore all the molecules are gaining velocity too. Shouldn't this increase the temperatre as average kinetic energy of...
  3. A

    I What is a "temperature distribution" in a stellar photosphere?

    What is a "temperature distribution" in the context of a stellar photosphere and How is the temperature distribution related to the effective temperature?
  4. jdawg

    Total Emissivity as a Function of Temperature (Ceramics)

    Hello, I’m trying to better my understanding of how the total emissivity changes with temperature for ceramic materials. Currently it is my understanding that non-metals typically have a high emissivity. A sanded surface will result in a higher emissivity, and that spectral emissivity varies...
  5. hagopbul

    Freezing temperature of vaccines

    Hello all: I have this question , as we all watch the vaccine of covid-19 reach the market I had this question if the storage temperature of this vaccine is between -20 c to -70c Why the nano droplets in this liquid do not create ice the liquid is not freezing under that conditions although it...
  6. bagasme

    B Why we learn the Reaumur temperature scale when there aren't any practical use of it?

    Hi, In high school physics I learned how to convert between Celcius, Fahrenheit, Kelvin, and Reaumur scale of temperature. While the first three scales are highly used, why do we learn the fourth scale (Reaumur) when there aren't any practical use of it? Just for formality? Bagas
  7. StoningTree

    Cooling with Evaporation

    First i calculated the latent heat of vaporation: h_vap(15°C)= 2465.4 kJ/kg In the next step i calculated how much water is already in the air: x=0.622*j*ps/(p-j*ps)=0.00988 kg/kg where: j=50% ps=0.03171 bar p=1.01325 bar Now that i know that i can calculate the enthalpy of humid air: h_hum =...
  8. Amaterasu21

    B At what size is kinetic energy no longer related to temperature?

    Hi all, I've read so many times that "temperature is a measure of the average kinetic energy of the molecules in a substance," or sometimes "particles" to encompass atoms and ions too. But how big can "molecules/particles" be before their kinetic energy is no longer relevant to temperature? If...
  9. Kayla Martin

    Why is the degeneracy criterion the same for all stars?

    Is it anything to do with the equation being independent of mass etc.. of the star? or to do with the Pauli exclusion principle? Any help will be much appreciated.
  10. Athenian

    One-Dimensional Wave Equation & Steady-State Temperature Distribution

    To begin with, I can first let ##T(x,y) = X(x) Y(y)## to be the given solution. With this, I can then continue by writing: $$Y \frac{\partial^2 X}{\partial x^2} + X \frac{\partial^2 Y}{\partial y^2} = 0$$ $$\Longrightarrow \frac{1}{X} \frac{\partial ^2 X}{\partial x^2} + \frac{1}{Y}...
  11. I

    Question about calculating the minimum temperature in hot air balloons

    First, I tried using the Archimedes principle and calculated the weight of the surrounding air displaced when taking off. ##W = 2500\times 1.29\times 9.81 = 31637.25 N## But then, I got stuck and do not know how to proceed from here on. I don't want the full solution yet but can I get some...
  12. Low-Q

    Calculating energy requirements to sustain temperature

    Hi. I have 3D printer with a heated bed, made of a 400x300 mm aluminium, that is 4mm thick. The surrounding air temperature is about 10°C. When printing with different materials, it is required to keep the bed at different temperatures. What I experience is that the driver which controlls...
  13. sneakycooky

    The relationship b/w infrared, temperature, and electron excitation

    Homework Statement:: 1. Does the increase in kinetic energy in (for example) water that results from increasing its temperature result from electron excitation (i.e. increasing electron energy levels) or simply increasing their velocity or vibration amplitude/frequency? 2. If excitation is...
  14. TachyonLord

    I Resistance of Platinum decreases with an increase in temperature ?

    Basic Procedure The experiment basically involves finding the null point on the Carey Foster's bridge with the PRT as the unknown resistance and using a Resistance box as the variable resistance. In the above diagram, P and Q are 2 fixed resistors of equal resistances. For obtaining the first...
  15. fernelau

    Does the Focal Length of a convex lens affect the time it takes to heat up water?

    Summary: Hi, I'm doing an assessment for Physics on Optics topics, but I can't really explain how the CV affect the RV CV : Focal length of convex lens RV : Temperature of water after 20 minutes under the sun How I should explain for the temperature difference? 🤔 Please help, Thanks.
  16. L

    Thermodynamic Systems - Volume, Final Pressure and Final Temperature

    Mass = 0.12kg Initial temp = 500°c = 773K Initial pressure = 0.8 MPa = 800,000 Pa Final volume = 90L R = 287 Jkg^-1K^-1 1) Initial Volume V=mRT/P 0.12 x 287 x 773 / 800,000 = 26,662.12m^3 2) Final Pressure P2 = P1P2^1.2/V2^1.2 800,000 x 26,662.12^1.2 / 90 = 1,816,095,330 Pa = 1,816 MPa 3)...
  17. J

    I Basic adiabatic expansion Question

    I have a compressed pure gas at a specific temperature and volume. (T1, V1) It suddenly (adiabatically) expands until it's at ambient pressure and a specific temperature. (P2, T2). Given: T1, V1, T2, and P2, I want to find P1 and V2. There's a great example in wikipedia which is almost...
  18. W

    I Gas Law - increasing temperature with constant volume held

    I've set up a simple experiment to look at the ideal gas laws. My experiment is relatively simple in that I have a metal tube which is capped on one side. I am then pressurising the tube with air to 100 psi and locking it off. My thought is that as the pressure increased, with volume held...
  19. D

    Thermodynamic possiblity for outlet temperatures of heat exchanger

    I have a heat & mass balance diagram wherein there is a shell and tube heat exchanger to recover heat from hot exhaust gas using cold water. The exhaust gas inlet temperature is 120°C and the outlet is at 40°C. The inlet water temperature is 35°C while the outlet water temperature is at 50°C...
  20. C

    A Decompression of dry air in relation to temperature

    I have a problem that i cannot solve despite my best efforts. I do realize not all information here is relevant, but i still included it so you could get the full picture. Imagining we have a cylinder that is filled with dry air (normal air without water vapor) that has a fixed volume of 8,5...
  21. T

    A Stefan-Boltzmann Equation question (qualitative)

    Hi, In the Stefan-Boltzmann equation for radiation heat transfer, there exists expected parameters of any model (area, constants, etc.). However, the temperature is raised to the fourth power. Can someone explain why? I get that it could just be because it has been "experimentally observed."...
  22. hnnhcmmngs

    Equation of state of a solid

    Homework Statement [/B] Find the equation of state of a solid that has an isobaric expansion coefficient dV/dT = 2cT - bp and an isothermal pressure-volume coefficient dV/dp = -bT (Assume the solid has a volume Vo at zero temperature and pressure. Enter a mathematical equation. Use any variable...
  23. DLeuPel

    I Temperature and the kinetic energy of everything

    Earth rotates, it also orbits the Sun, the Sun orbits the galaxies and these have they’re own velocities as well. We know that the kinetic energy is measured by its velocity, and also that kinetic energy is related with temperature. By this I mean that the movement of particles are a measure of...
  24. P

    Surface tension in terms of temperature and concentration of an added substance

    Hi! Here's a tricky thermodynamics problem, I hope you can help with it. 1. Homework Statement The boundary between two different materials can be divided into two different kind of phases: bulk phases and surface phases. For example, let's consider a boundary between water and air. We can...
  25. Lukeblackhill

    I Heat during the Day

    Hi! My question is: I understand that at noon-day it’s hotter because of the angle with which sun rays enter our atmosphere. But at the same time, I was wondering that the band of radiation responsible for heating things is infrared, and that at noon basically all bands of lower frequency than...
  26. J

    Calculate the final temperature of the mixture

    Homework Statement Consider the following reaction. 2 HCl(aq) + Ba(OH)2(aq) BaCl2(aq) + 2 H2O(l) ΔH = -118 kJ Calculate the heat when 100.8 mL of 0.500 M HCl is mixed with 300.0 mL of 0.450 M Ba(OH)2. Assuming that the temperature of both solutions was initially 25.0°C and that the final...
  27. J

    Calculate the final temperature of the solution

    Homework Statement Consider the dissolution of CaCl2. CaCl2(s) Ca2+(aq) + 2 Cl-(aq) ΔH = -81.5 kJ A 10.6-g sample of CaCl2 is dissolved in 109 g of water, with both substances at 25.0°C. Calculate the final temperature of the solution assuming no heat lost to the surroundings and assuming...
  28. H

    A Is it possible for a material to be a conductor in one direction and insulator in another?

    Generally, a material is metal or insulator is simply determined by the gap. But if we view it in another way, to measure the resistance in different direction, says x and y, and there are usually different. And then measure the resistance change with temperature. Usually, the resistances goes...
  29. hagopbul

    Are there other variables that control climate change?

    Hello all It's been a while ,as I read the almost daily news on climate change , some question come up to my mind , dose the ionosphere has any effect on climate change , as we all know now the earth magnetic field is weakening ,and the temperature is rising ,dose this two variables related to...
  30. KristinaMr

    ℃^-1 question

    Homework Statement This is the problem. A pair of eyeglass frames is made of epoxy plastic. At room temperature (20.0°C), the frames have circular lens holes 2.20 cm in radius. To what temperature must the frames be heated if lenses 2.21 cm in radius are to be inserted in them? The average...