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Measuring the temperature of quasars

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    Can anyone tell me whether it's possible to measure the temperatures of Quasers from phenomenon such as redshift etc??
    As quasers travel with speed comparable to that of light,so does the concept of relativistic temperature come into effect?
    Are there any research papers available on this?
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    Quasars don't travel with relativistic speeds but some of the particles emitted by jets from them do.
    Some quasars are at very high cosmological red****s - a selection effect since they are the only things bright enough to see at high redshifts - but some such as the famous 3C273 are quite close.
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    Code (Text):
    u can measure the temperature of the quasar by using maxwells laws of distribution of velocities. but that measured temperature vil be the electron temperature.the kinetic motion of the atoms produce doppler shifts,dl=VL/C.WHERE dl IS THE SHIFTED WAVELENGTH and L is the original one. in the maxwells equation substitute dl in place of total no. of atoms (N). u vil get the mean square velocity from which u can find the temp. look for this equation on the net.
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