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Mechanical Engineer Needed for Interview Please

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    Well, here it goes again, I am a senior in highschool and my english teacher has assigned my class a research paper with the topic being a job that we are interested in. My last post got deleted due to this sites rules, so does anyone know where I can find a mechanical engineer that I could interview? Or if you know any one; if you could tell me their email and I'll go from there?? I really need this interview and there are very little ways for me to find a mechanical engineer with their contact information, so please anybody please help..
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    Find out what industrial plants are in your area and call them up and ask if they have any M.E.s

    Call up an engineering school and ask for the alumni association and see if they'll give you the name of someone.
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    Ah good advice, I'll try that out
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    Thanks phinds. Thread is closed now per the PF rules. Good luck Dean! :-)
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