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Mechanical engineer who want to work for Biomedical field

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    Can a mechanical student easily apply his knowledge of mechanical engineering in Biomedical field? Can a mechanical student easily enter Biomedical field by the time he finish his study?
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    Yes, you can. In my fluid mechanics coures, our project was to do testing on a bladder by making a scale model using dimensional analysis and tracking the urinary flow rate due to changing responses such as the detrusor muscle, sphincter muscle etc.

    If you want to do Biomedical Research, you should study biomedical engineering, not mechanical.

    My professor is a ME and works at NIH on exactly this problem.
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    The fluids lab at my uni do a lot of simulations regarding blood flow around anyeurisms, stents and the like. My project supervisor certainly seems to think there's plenty of crossover between the fields.
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