1. E

    Programs Switching from a biomedical physics major to physics

    I'm currently doing a biomedical physics major because it's the best choice to follow the med school track in something physics related, and is a really good fallback plan as my advisor described it. Now my true passion is in physics and I really wanna get a PhD later on, so if I didn't make it...
  2. B

    Engineering Medical Physics vs Biomedical Engineering

    Hi All, I am new here. I have been doing research, nuclear physics stuff, mainly, for a couple of years . Over time, I have grown to be very tired of pure research, and I believe it is just not for me, not that there is something wrong with research but I am not motivated to keep going, also...
  3. D

    Medical (Biomedical) Fluid mechanics: flow, resistance, and pressure

    Hello, I'm a physician with special interest in cardiovascular physiology. I'm trying to comprehend the basic physics of the cardiovascular system. Here's my thought process - Simply stated - the heart muscle contracts, thereby causing a reduction in the cardiac chamber volume and release of...
  4. A Furious Potato

    Biomedical Engineering: power (W) needed to warm blood

    1. Homework Statement Fast-flow blood warmers (pictured below) can be used to heat blood products (carefully and uniformly) when rapid, high-volume transfusions are necessary, in order to prevent hypothermia in the patient. The blood product density and specific heat can be assumed to be 1.12...
  5. M

    Engineering Hardware vs. Software in biomedical engineering?

    For someone with a bachelors in computer engineering, looking to go to grad school for biomedical engineering, which would be more useful, their knowledge of software, or their knowledge of hardware?
  6. Oganesson

    Programs I have a degree in Medicine and want to study Biophysics?

    Is it necessary to have a Physics or Biology degree in order to pursue a Masters in Biophysics ?
  7. I

    Engineering Engineering or Biomedical Science?

    Hi, Here's my dilemma... I have been accepted into both courses. I applied for Engineering first but am afraid I am not smart or driven enough to complete it. It is also 3 hours away from home, therefore, I would have to move out but unfortunately since I don't have a job my Mum has offered to...
  8. M

    Schools Grad school for Bioengineering with bachelors in CompE?

    Can you get into a graduate program for biomedical engineering with a computer engineering degree? would you be at a big disadvantage to someone with an electrical engineering degree?
  9. M

    Engineering Career options for Biomedical engineers?

    Can someone tell me what the career options are for a biomedical engineer with a bachelors vs a masters vs a phd? Thank You
  10. M

    Programs Best Undergrad degree for Biomedical engineer

    Hi, I am currently a junior in college majoring in civil engineering. I want to switch my major so I can get into a ph.d program for biomedical engineering. I've read the three best majors to get into biomedical engineering are electrical, mechanical, and chemical. Chemical engineering sounds...
  11. G

    Engineering Biomedical engineering prospects?

    Hey everyone. A friend of mine has recently finished high school and is unsure of whether she wants to pursue medicine or biomed engineering. She tells me that she's equally interested in both. However, she's currently inclined towards medicine, mainly because she has been told by certain people...
  12. P

    Engineering Engineering Career Survey

    Good evening, forum members... I'm currently enrolled in an Engineering class in my school and I'm considering engineering as one of my career pathways, but I would like to know the good, the bad, and the prospects of an engineering career before making a decision. I'm also interested to know...
  13. Priyadarshini

    Biological Sciences and Biomedical Sciences

    What is the difference between biological sciences and biomedical sciences? In biological sciences, is the main focus ecosystems, evolution etc or is the main focus human biology or zoology? Thanks!
  14. M

    (Fluids) Difference in stress or pressure between setups?

    Hello, I'm a PhD student in medical biology and am doing experiments with bloodvessels. I've modified an existing technique and getting unexpected results (ofcourse..). I think it is due to a pressure difference but my knowledge of physics is inadequate to be sure. Ill give a short explanation...
  15. eee_engin33r

    Sabbir From BUET,Bangladesh

    My name is Sabbir Ahmed. I have completed by BSc. in EEE from BUET (Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology) and currently studying my MSc in Biomedical Engineering in University of Dhaka.