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Mentor retirement and promotions

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    Please congratulate PeterDonis and Orodruin for joining the Mentors. PeterDonis will be joining as a Physics Mentor and Orodruin as a Homework Help Mentor. Both of these members have been top notch and we are really excited for them to join the staff. We know PF will continue moving forward with these two coming on board.

    Usually when there is a promotion there is also a retirement. I am sad to say George Jones will be leaving the PF Mentors group. George Jones has been a rock for many years and provided consistent advice and leadership. George Jones indicated that he will spend his new free time with his daughter. Now how can you argue with that! Thanks George and enjoy your free time!

    Also to note, Mark44 will be transferring from the Homework Help forums to Mathematics.
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    Welcome PeterDonis and Orodruin! So happy to have you on board. :)

    George it has been a pleasure and have fun with your daughter, they grow up so fast!
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    Welcome you two!

    George, I hope you'll stick around still!
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