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Complaint Messages not completely displayed

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    I have found that messages are not being fully displayed. Only the first paragraph or so is shown. I have tried using different browsers, and I have searched unsuccessfully for an option that might be controlling this behavior. I do wish to see the full message, not just the top part.

    What can be done to correct this behavior?
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    Can you give us a screenshot showing this effect? As far as I can tell messages are displayed correctly on all browsers and all computers I have access to.
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    Not a behavior I have seen or even heard about. RJ, tell us more about it. I would look towards your system as the culprit as opposed to anything to do with the site, so let's see if we can figure it out.
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    How could I attach a screen shot to demonstrate the condition I am seeing?
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    During the message creation look below the editor for "manage attachments".
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    1] When you see the problem on your screen, press the PRT SCRN button. This will capture it to the clipboard.
    2] Open some picture editor of your choice and PASTE from the clipboard. Save the pic.
    3] Now, compose your message and add the attachment.
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