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Metal oxides displacement reaction

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    When a more reactive metal displaces a solid metal oxide, a lot if heat is required for the reaction to occur. However, both metal and metal oxide can be solid for the reaction to take place right?
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    Re: matal oxides displacement reaction

    A lot of heat is required for the reaction to start, later on reaction is exothermic.

    Yes, they start as powdered solids. Go to youtube and search for thermite videos.
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    Not all thermodynamically favorable reactions of the type (unbalanced) M + NO = N + MO are exothermic. For example, the reaction of zirconium with alumina:
    1.5 Zr + Al2O3 = 1.5 ZrO2 + Al
    has a standard gibbs free energy change of -17.8 kJ/mol at 1000C, though its standard enthalpy change is +47 kJ/mol.
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