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Methanotrophic bacteria / enzymes

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    Dear all !

    Does anyone have experience with methanotrophic bacteria ?

    The background of my question: I am trying to explore a new pathway for the reaction methane to methanol.

    One can basically think of two approaches:
    a) chemically via classic catalysts, b) biologically via enzymes or bacteria.
    Methanotrophic bacteria contain an enzyme called oxygenase, and they seem to be most promising when it comes to a biocatalytic conversion of methane to methanol.
    Research has been done for almost 100 years on that topic, so far no one has implemented an economically feasible process for making methanol directly from methane. The main problem is the low yield (below 10 %).
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    my friend is working on a way to increase the productivity of ethanol from sugar in bacteria. Two different things i know i know, but he knows more about the enzymes involved in these processes. interested in contacting him?
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    Hi Contrio !

    Thanks for your reply. Yes, indeed, I would be very interested in getting in touch with your colleague who is working on sugar -> ethanol. He can contact me directly at {email address deleted by Moonbear: it's unwise to share your email address on an open forum} or he can write me an e mail in this forum, as you did.

    Take care,

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    Dear Borealis... I am a friend of contrio... The one that interested with bioethanol production from biomass. how we can get in touch? The e mail address is banned in the forum. my Yahoo ID is furanosa2000. maybe you can add me and later when we online, together with contrio, we can have some chat and talk about it.
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    You might want to review this as well...


    New (non-enzymatic) methods for converting methane and other gaseous hydrocarbons into liquids might be better suited for large scale processes.
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