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Homework Help: Method for instatnt cooling of water

  1. Feb 6, 2008 #1
    any suggestion on the most efficient method to cool water from 25C to 10C . the volume of the water is 1 cubic meter....?

    thank you
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    This sounds like homework, so I'm moving it to the homework help section of the site. Please post further homework questions there.

    Furthermore, we will not give you any answers. You'll need to explain your thoughts to us, and explain how and why you're stuck, before we can help you.

    - Warren
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    And what do you mean by "efficient"? Is the cooler going to be constrained to be powered by electricity or fossil fuels or something? Or are you just looking for the fastest and easiest way (like drop in a big ice cube)?
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    Well, What about dropping it in liquid nitrogen?? :P:P
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    Some hints - the cooling rate will depend on;
    1, the temperaure difference between the water and the collant
    2, the conductivity between the water and the collant
    3, how quickly you can supply fresh collant.

    Efficency is a bit more difficult, do you mean you want to use the least extra energy, the least parts, the least equipement, or just the fastest solution?
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    With a nod of the head to mgb_phys, umm, put it in something really, really cold with no insulation for just the right length of time?

    Effecient how? Physically? Finacially? Technologically (ease of use)?
  8. Feb 6, 2008 #7
    How about “measure it with a thermometer that's been kept in a freezer.” That's pretty efficient, no actual cooling of water required.
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