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Methods of determining concentration of solution

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    I was wondering what the most effective (i.e. most accurate) methods are for determining the concentration of a known solution.

    In my specific case, I need to determine the concentration of a KNO3(aq) within 10% of the actual value. As of now, I have written up two separate procedures to determine the concentration of the solution. The first one utilizes the direct proportionality of solution concentration and conductivity. The other is a titration with the KNO3(aq) being put through an ion exchange column.

    I don't really have any ideas on other methods (besides evaporating the solution) so I'm just asking if there are better methods for this lab.
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    Sure there are other methods. For example you can determine concentration of potassium by gravimetric method (not to mention AAS or AES), or nitrate by spectrophotometry. But given the requested accuracy they would be an overkill.
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    Thank you for the reply. I'll surely look into those methods.
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