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MG11 video (including Ashtekar's talk)

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    Jerzy Kowalski-Glikman noted (on Not Even Wrong blog) that if you go to the MG11 site and look down the left hand side, right past where it says Participants, and Scientific Program, it says PUBLICATIONS
    and one of the "publications" links you can click on is "conference lifestream"

    this gets you among other things an archive of streamers of the plenary talks.
    These are listed not by speaker or title, but simply by TIMESLOT.

    So for example to find the Ashtekar talk you look at the list of archived video timeslots and pick "25 July 11-13"
    When you click on that you get a screen where they are starting to show the 11AM talk from that morning session. Underneath the screen there is a time-bar where you can DRAG THE POINTER HALFWAY ACROSS.

    That saves an hour watching some other talk that came before.
    Ashtekar's talk started at about 1 hour 12 minutes into the session. So you drag the time-pointer along until it says 1:12 or so, and then wait a few seconds and his talk will start.

    I think it was a helpful talk because it covered (not only recent advances in LQG, mostly LQC, but also) FAQ that people outside Loop in the GR community at large have about Loop.
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    I also took a look at David Spergel's talk about the CMB and the WMAP 3 results. It is in the timeslot 28 July 11-13.
    It starts about 1 hour 12 minutes into it.
    so again you drag the pointer about halfway across and wait until the stream starts (about 20 seconds)

    It is a good talk.

    I have in mind to check Michael Kramer on Binary Pulsars
    (great for checking Gen Rel) which is 26 July 11-13, towards the end because it was scheduled for 12:30-13:05.

    And also maybe Remo Ruffini on GRB, which was 27 July 11-13 slot, again towards the end (12:30-13:05).

    Everitt was scheduled to talk about GPB on 29 July at 9:30, but the video of that talk is not yet posted. I don't know if they will post Saturday 29 July talks.
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    We now have a blog report on MG11 in Berlin
    what it was like at the conference
    from Alejandro Satz, who was there


    thanks Alejandro!
    he is a grad student at U. Nottingham
    his blog
    is often interesting.

    Satz coverage of the MG11 conference is thorough, he got around to a lot of talks, even though the coference was spread out in 10 separate buildings

    he reported on quite a bit of Loop Gravity, and Loop Cosmology, and QG Phenomenology. even though his specialty is something else.

    there are some photos too.
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