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Michio Kaku, Parallel Universes, and Galactic EZ Bake Ovens

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    This is my first post on this forum, I apologize in advance if I placed this in the wrong location.

    My question is this:

    I'm watching the Science Channel tonight, and on an episode of Sci Fi Science, Dr. Michio Kaku suggests that if you heat space up to say, a couple trillion degrees Fahrenheit, you could potentially induce a Big Bang.

    Why might this happen, and what/where is the science that supports it?
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    I don't know, but there is a big difference between heating something to recreate the conditions immediately after the big bang, and actually "inducing a big bang". Are you sure which of these he was referring to?

    Maybe he is referring to theories that allow for a spatial topology change, sort of like a separate universe splitting off from the one we live in. Even if that was possible isn't that temperature a bit low? Btw, Kaku has a tendency to speak about theories without any experimental jsupport as if they were fact.

    EDIT: I think this should be in the "Beyond the Standard Model" section.

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    Being myself a fan of Michio Kaku I can definitely say that I find a lot of what he presents edifying and interesting. But in response to your question, I would pose another one: Is there enough energy in the known universe (assuming the known universe to mean a finite plane) to heat all of space to such temperatures? I kind of doubt it due to the vastness of space and the intervals between massive particles in deep space.
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