I Microspectrometers (anybody have the version by Scio?)

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Scio started as a Kickstarter project back in 2014. I don't know if it is really genuine. There used to be many complains. Do you know another good substitute for it? (bigger one ok but not so big and expensive) I want to be able to:


"Scan objects and materials around you and get instant information about their chemical makeup sent directly to your smartphone!

See the nutritional values of dairy, meat, fruit and vegetables. Track your body fat percentage. Select the sweetest, most nutrient rich fruit. Identify over the counter pain killers. Find out cocoa concentration in chocolate and more. You can also build your own material sensing applets with the fun and educational Workshop feature
This is the technology and data sheet behind it

This is its Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/consumerphysics/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/my_scio?lang=en

I want to be able to see the raman spectrum of test objects. Is there a minimum resolution I should look for?
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This is the chip used in the Scio. There is plan for the chip to be integrated into cellphones in the future (it was reported in CES 2018).

It is Near IR emitter. Not as good as 532nm laser?

Most Raman spectroscope is priced at $10,000. I wonder what is the cheapest with reasonable quality besides the Scio. They are quoting it to me for $2500 just to have access to raw spectra download. Without it, it's $750. But useless without raw spectra download.
I want to own a raman spectroscope to study the molecules of water. By boiling it, can the raman shifts or spectra vary? In normal spectra. There is a stretching vibrational peak for OH at 3,410cm -,and a deformed and weak vibrational peak for HOH at 1,635 cm-1. Can these be changed when water is boiled or frozen?

What must you do to the molecular structure of H20 to broaden the peak?


I'm studying purity of bottled mineral water and served water in restaurants. Some of them could be dirtier than tap water. Can the SCIO help? One time my friend has seen a worm in the water.
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