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Homework Help: Mid-Term Biology (Intro to) Practice

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    I'm studying for a biology midterm coming up and I would really like to get an idea of the kind of questions that might end up on the exam. Most of my classes have old exams available online/at the library but for some reason the biology department doesn't allow the library to publish past exams (I guess they often re-use very similar exams?)

    The problem is that we don't have a textbook either. We have a course pack which contains most of the theory, and the notes given in class - no exercises of any sort.

    I was wondering if there was a website out there, or an online textbook that had exercises that could help me studying for this exam. As I said in the title, it's a college introduction Biology class (pre-req for most of the other science classes) and we've covered (on top of very basic stuff):

    - structures & roles of macromolecules
    - replication, transcription and translation of DNA
    - properties of living organisms
    - prokaryote vs eukaryote

    Although I have a good understanding of the content I feel like I'd be walking in empty-handed if I had no idea of the type of questions. I'm trying to best I can to come up with possible questions but I feel like I only come up with questions I immediately know the answer to ;)

    Any help is appreciated! Thanks
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    Hope This Helps


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    Compare features of viral, prokaryotic and eukaryotic genomes.

    o What is DNA made of? Know the structural components.

    o Understand the process of replication. (Don’t let the brief sentence fool you; this is a lot of complex info. Make sure you understand it to the level that was presented to you in the lecture PPTs).

    o What does semiconservative replication mean?

    o Explain how the DNA molecule is antiparallell.

    o How does the antiparallell nature of DNA affect replication?

    o What is a replication bubble?

    o What is the difference between the lagging and the leading strand of DNA?

    o Understand the processes of transcription & translation. (Don’t let the brief sentence fool you; this is a lot of complex info. Make sure you understand it to the level that was presented to you in the lecture PPTs).

    o What nucleic acid base is used in the construction of RNA that is not utilized in DNA molecules? What nucleic acid based is not used in RNA molecules that is used in the construction of DNA?

    o How is transcription similar to replication? How is it different?

    o What types of RNA are involved in translation and what are their roles?

    o What is the ‘triple code’? What is its role in the structure of proteins build through translation?
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