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MikTeX and TexnicCenter in Windows Vista

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    Hi all,

    Has anyone been successful in installing TexnicCenter and MikTeX under Windows Vista?

    I just bought a Dell Inspiron with the main goal of being able to write research notes anywere but it comes with Vista and that has proved to a a major pain in the neck.

    Thanks in advance
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    MikTeX was not a problem to install, I just ran the installer and it worked. Can't help you on TexnicCenter though, since I use a custom program to edit my TeX files. Perhaps you should try the newest version (there seems to be bèta) and/or install another editor.

    But without a little more information ("Installing TexnicCenter and MikTeX doesn't work!") it is going to be hard to help you.
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    Thank you. Ithelps to know that at least MikTeX worked. I will come back with details as soon as I have some free time between my classes.

    Thank you!
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