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Milky Way excess Microwave Radiation

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    Could some of the cosmic background radiation be produced within the fabric of space itself?

    What if the big bang was not a one of event 15billion years ago but is happening right now today, now, all around us within the quantum world? If indeed the CBr was occuring within the fabric of space then regions around blackholes such our Milky Way BH should emit more microwaves than normal... and indeed they do.


    I see spacetime expanding out towards an horizon of the universe then curving back as a shrodinger wave and supplying energy to drive the CBR in the sub atomic realm.
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    As I know, it would not be so, because that vacuum quantum fluctuations are not spawning any new particles that exist any significant amount of time. They dissapear very very quickly.

    But in a sense you are right. If we could see further beyond CMB, we could, theoretically, see universe still Big Banging, much redshifted though.

    I personally have trouble seeing spacetime alone.
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