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Minimizing Volume with given equations and certain points.

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    A plane with equation xa+yb+zc=1 (a,b,c>0)
    together with the positive coordinate planes forms a tetrahedron of volume V=16abc.

    Find the plane that minimizes V if the plane is constrained to pass through a point P=(9,6,3) .

    HELP!! I have fount the partial derivatives for both of the given equations but I don't know where to go from there!
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    Welcome to PF, Amelie!

    You're getting a little ahead of yourself, here. This forum is intended for new members to introduce themselves at PF, not for posting problems or homework questions.

    There are several homework forums which are dedicated to helping users with questions about their assignments.

    You are welcome to fill out the HW template and repost this problem in the appropriate HW forum.

    Good Luck!
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    Hi! Sorry! I realized this and have been trying to delete it but can't figure out how to!
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