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Minimum Time Interval: Experimental Evidence?

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    George Jones

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    Craig Hogen, in his paper Indeterminacy of Holographic Quantum Geometry, Phys. Rev D 78, 087501 (2008), has claimed noise seen in output of the GEO600 interferometric gravitational-wave detector is evidence for a fundamental minimum interval time.

    What is the time-line for the survival of this timely result?


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    You are asking us to guess the future. This is impossible, but it is still a good exercise to try to do it (a way of testing one's own grasp of the situation.)

    I will risk a forecast. I expect we will not remember this paper 6 months or a year from now. I think they will tweak the GEO rig and get rid of the noise and no one will care about Hogan's paper.

    I hope I understood the spirit of your question about (future?) "time-line".
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    Agree with marcus. Instrument sensitivity is not quite at the 'chronon' level just yet IMO.
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