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Minocycline, a microglial inhibitor, reduces ‘honey trap’ risk in huma

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    WOW very interesting post. Luckily I think I am too old to be affected by a pretty face anymore.

    Here is a link from Pub-Med that is probably the source of your link.


    The words nature or natural in the name of a web site will sometimes get a post deleted except in general discussion.

    Quite evidently the studies were done in Japan. (nothing wrong with that):approve:

    here is one that really goes in depth. (It might be a long version of the same one study).

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    WHAT? Its from Nature Publishing Group. Have people started to become dumb?
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    Nature, of course, published the original papers by Watson, Crick and Wilkins on the double helix structure of DNA in 1953. As far as I know, it remains a leading journal in the life sciences. Unfortunately, Rosalind Franklin was not given sufficient credit at the time for her contributions

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    He posted the study, from the journal nature no doubt too :)
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