Medical Minocycline, a microglial inhibitor, reduces ‘honey trap’ risk in huma

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  3. WOW very interesting post. Luckily I think I am too old to be affected by a pretty face anymore.

    Here is a link from Pub-Med that is probably the source of your link.

    The words nature or natural in the name of a web site will sometimes get a post deleted except in general discussion.

    Quite evidently the studies were done in Japan. (nothing wrong with that):approve:

    here is one that really goes in depth. (It might be a long version of the same one study).
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  4. WHAT? Its from Nature Publishing Group. Have people started to become dumb?
  5. Nature, of course, published the original papers by Watson, Crick and Wilkins on the double helix structure of DNA in 1953. As far as I know, it remains a leading journal in the life sciences. Unfortunately, Rosalind Franklin was not given sufficient credit at the time for her contributions
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    He posted the study, from the journal nature no doubt too :)
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