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Mitosis, apoptosis and necrosis

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    How and when does a human cell decides to divide mitotically. How it responds to apoptosis and necrosis? Do these cell deaths trigger mitosis so that the cellular count is maintained in the body?
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    Thanks four your referrals. They explain nicely how cells divide.

    But my main question is when the cells decide to divide.

    Suppose there is an apoptotic cascade in a tissue. Or a bout of necrosis. Now the cellular population would have come down in the tissue. Will the left over cells of that tissue decide to divide in mitosis? Or will it wait for some other trigger?
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    This is not a complete answer, but many cells exhibit density-dependent growth. If there is space around the cell, cells will keep on growing and dividing. However, once their niche begins to fill and the density of cells rise, the growth rate slows. This is due to some secreted factors that cells produce to keep each others' growth in check (as cell density rises, so does the concentration of these factors) and regulatory processes such as contact inhibition where cell-cell contact inhibits growth and replication.
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