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Mixed urine with small amount of diluted household bleach

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    So I'm currently bedbound at the moment. I have a bottle to urinate in.

    After every time I go, the bottle is taken away, rinsed out with a cap full of household bleach. The bottle is filled up with water (bottle holds1000 mL) then it is emptied and returned to me.

    There is a small amount of bleachey water at the bottom of the bottle. (No more than a tea spoon full)

    Urine has ammonia in it, are they reacting and is it dangerous?
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    The short answer is probably no, the amount of ammonia in urine and the diluted chlorine from the bleach in the water would be unlikely to yield anything dangerous. Mixing pure ammonia and straight bleach can produce chloramine gas which is poisonous. What's happening here is probably equivalent to peeing in a heavily chlorinated swimming pool.
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